June 24 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. We here are having what is called June Gloom. It is not fun, because in the mornings, it always starts out cloudy. And we do not get to work on our fur tans. But do not worry, furiends. Eventually, the clouds clear, and by mid morning, we get to see the sun. The only problem is that the human is often gone by the time the clouds clear. That means no balcony time with the sun out.

That is not too bad, but it is fun to go to the balcony and enjoy the sun. So we felines will have to enjoy the sun when we can.

Now, on to my blood sugar readings for the week. They averaged 169 for the week,  which is very close to what we saw last week. They averaged 166 then. So we did not see much of a change in the average.

Even though my blood sugar readings averaged around the same, there is some good news. We did not have any dangerously low readings. There was one time where my blood sugar was too low to risk an insulin shot. But even that reading was still safe, and it was not hypoglycemic.

So that means, furiends, that my blood sugar seems to be stabilizing around okay levels. The human worried that he would have to change my insulin dose again and wait for my readings to stabilize. Fortunately, he does not have to do that.

The human still cannot relax completely. We still need to be sure my blood sugar readings stay where they belong. And that is something he needs to do for the rest of my life. Still, the human and I are both happier when my blood sugar readings behave.

Let’s hope they do that for the week ahead. I will tell you about my blood sugar levels next Monday.

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