Cat Rescue Recovering After Break In

Furiends, when kind humans work hard to help felines, it makes me happy. I get very angry when evil humans do things that make things more difficult for them. Sadly, that is what happened to a cat rescue located in the United Kingdom.

Tender Paws Saved Ethel from Euthanasia
Tender Paws Saved Ethel from Euthanasia

This cat rescue, Tender Paws, was founded by a kind human who retired after a career in hotel management. Open for 18 months, Tender Paws helped felines like Ethel. White coated humans estimate Ethel is around 17 years old. She was found emaciated and covered with fleas. The white coated humans were about to euthanize Ethel, but Tender Paws took her in. They are working to help her recover.

But these kind acts were not enough to keep evil humans from trying to break in to their office. These criminals managed to break the rear door in half before the humans in badges arrived and scared them away.

Fortunately, the evil humans were not able to get in because of the quick response from the humans with badges. They arrived on scene within minutes after a call from a neighbor who heard the noise.

No felines are at the office, because Tender Paws relies on a network of foster homes to house the felines they care for. But the break in made the volunteers angry and scared. And now Tender Paws needs green paper things to fix the damage.

Sadly, this will make it more difficult to pay for the veterinary care that the 40 felines Tender Paws helps require. Tender Paws says they will find a way to make it work. They will continue to help felines when they get reports of strays that do not seem to be doing well or when people cannot take care of their felines properly.

I am glad this cat rescue group will continue to help felines.

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