July 16 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. First, I will tell you about something that amused me and Koji. One of us was bad, and we knocked down the toilet paper holder. The human was not happy about this. But he knew he had to put it back into the wall.

The Human Could Have Used Some Feline Help

Koji and I saw him go into the tool box, and we decided to observe. The human started off the job off easily. He measured the spacing for the holes and leveled things off. But then he could not get the fasteners into the wall. And he got more and more annoyed.

Eventually, he stopped trying to use those fasteners and used the ones that came out of the wall in the first place. You will not be surprised to learn this made the human very frustrated. He said many words that I will not repeat to you.

And Koji and I were silently snickering the entire time. This probably was good for my blood sugar readings, but it was not good for the human!

On to my blood sugar readings for the week. They averaged 184 this week, which is up a little from the 174 we saw last week. While the numbers are a little higher, they are still at a safe level. The individual readings were also good news. None of them were so low that they would be considered hypoglycemic.

We did have one reading where the human did not want to risk giving me insulin. That reading was lower than we want. But it was still above the level considered to be hypoglycemic.

I will tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week next Monday. And maybe I will get to snicker at the human some more. If I do, I will be sure to tell you about that. He will not be happy, but Koji and I will be!


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2 Replies to “July 16 Blood Sugar Readings”

  1. Hi! My cat Mimi was just diagnosed with diabetes. I’m currently on holiday after finishing my postgraduate degree so starting the treatment has been fine, but soon I’ll start working 9 til 5 and I was just wondering how to manage her condition while I can’t be home? I love her so much and I want to do what’s best for her! I also train most evenings of the week, but thankfully my partner will be home to treat and monitor her. I’m just really worried about the time she’ll be spending home alone… What about other things, like if we want to go out for dinner with friends or go to the cinema? I’m sure actually giving her the injection will always be manageable but I want to be able to monitor her and I feel that will have an impact on being social… Basically, what I’m asking is how do you do it? Do you still go out with friends, spend evenings at the cinema or at a restaurant…

    1. Yes, you can easily have a social life and still take care of a diabetic feline. The human gives me an insulin shot in the morning at 7 AM when he wakes up. Then he gives me an insulin shot at night at 7 PM. If he cannot give me a shot right at 7 because of things he needs to do, he adjusts it. For example, if he needs to be somewhere and does not get home until 8, that is okay. Or if he needs to leave the home at 6:30 to be somewhere at 7, he does that.

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