Pregnant Feline Asks Human for Help

We felines have good instincts about which humans we can trust. And for a pregnant feline, choosing the right human to trust can be very important. One feline made the right choice. She was pregnant, and went up to a human she thought would help. This human could not, but they contacted Mini Cat Town, and the cat rescue group took in the pregnant feline.

They named her Chai, and soon, Chai gave birth to a litter of six tiny felines. She did this in the comfort of a home instead of outside, where the tiny felines would be at risk from many things.

Not long after Chai gave birth to her kittens, two orphaned tiny felines were found by kind humans at Nine Lives Rescue. These tiny felines were not doing well. To help them, the humans at both rescues decided to see if Chai would take care of them.

Chai immediately started helping the tiny felines. She sniffed them when they arrived, and then she started to groom them and nurse them.

Chai and Her Tiny Felines
Chai and Her Tiny Felines

Sadly, despite all of Chai’s efforts and the efforts of her humans, two of the tiny felines did not make it. But Chai is very devoted to taking care of the six tiny felines who are left. And she gets all of the help she needs from the kind humans who are fostering her.

In a month or so, Chai’s kittens will be able to go home with an adopter. The kind humans at Mini Cat Town hope that Chai will get to go home with one of her tiny felines.

But even if that does not happen, Chai has already done very well. She chose the right human to ask for help. Because of this, six tiny felines will get a chance to thrive in a safe home!

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