172 Cats Saved from Hoarding Situation

It is good that humans want to keep felines and want to help us. But sometimes, they go too far, and we end up with a hoarding situation. Furiends, these situations are bad for both the humans and felines involved. I obviously want humans to love cats, but 172 cats on a property is too many!

This all started about a month ago. Three kind humans decided to help an elderly human with the felines on their property. You see, this human’s spouse took care of the felines, but after they died, the current owner became overwhelmed.

The humans involved in the cat rescue — a white coated human, a human involved in animal welfare, and a concerned neighbor — started to pull the felines with the permission of the owner. Soon, these humans were overwhelmed and they brought St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center to help.

One of the Felines Rescued By St. Hubert's
One of the Felines Rescued By St. Hubert’s

This cat rescue soon became “the most extraordinary effort our team has ever taken on” according to one of the humans at St. Hubert’s. They trapped and removed the mostly young felines from the property. And when a heat wave took hold, they accelerated the process because the felines did not have food or water.

Surprisingly, most of the felines living on the property were doing okay. But some of them suffered from medical conditions. White coated humans at St. Hubert’s treated these conditions, and the felines recovered. One feline needed surgery to remove an abscess. And two of the felines had surgery to correct entropion.

All of the felines pulled from this hoarding situation are doing better. “They all have their unique personalities, and they are beginning to shine,” said a human from St. Hubert’s.

St. Hubert’s put some of the cats from this hoarding case up for adoption. Others will be released to humans as barn cats. And the felines who are not good with people will be released to feral colonies.

I am glad these three humans and St Hubert’s worked so hard to help these felines. And do not get angry at the human who owns the property. He “loved” the cats, and just did not know how to properly care for them.

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