August 19 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings. Before I do that, I will tell you about something that happened to the canine who lives with the human’s sister. You see, this canine has cancer, and it spread to one of his legs. He was unable to use that leg, and it started to become painful for him. So the white coated humans decided to amputate it.

Furiends, nobody wants to lose a leg. But some of us handle it better than others. And my furry cousin Flurry handled it very well.

A Canine Who Looks Like My Cousin Flurry

The white coated humans said Flurry has to take it easy for a while. He does not agree. Because he is missing a leg, Flurry has to hop instead of running. And furiends, the human’s sister had to hold him back because he wanted to hop so quickly.

The only problem Flurry has is when he goes to scratch his face to relieve itching. He used his amputated leg to do this.. And so sometimes, he looks confused because he cannot scratch his face with the leg he is used to. But then he changes to a different leg and everything is okay.

What a good canine! The human says he is not a fan of us felines, but I have a feeling Flurry and Koji would become good furiends if they met.

Now, on to my blood sugar readings. For the week, they averaged 160. That is a little higher than we saw last week, but it is still well below the level where complications from diabetes develop. And while some of my blood sugar readings were too low for the human to risk giving me an insulin shot, none of them were low enough to be considered hypoglycemic.

We will take that, furiends! I will tell you about my blood sugar readings next Monday. Until then, be like Flurry and do not let any challenges slow you down.

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