Humans Save Feline From Mountain Peak

It is not fun for felines living outside, because of the challenges they face. One feline was doing this on the top of a mountain. Kind humans found a small white feline living on the top of a mountain peak when they went hiking. The feline was very hungry, so they gave him some jerky to nom on. They also gave him some water. But they were not able to get a hold of him, so they posted about his plight on Facebook, hoping others could help.

And that is what happened. Kind humans from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue learned about the lost feline and went to help him. Three humans with the organization set out on a 6.5 mile hike to help the feline. They carried with them a humane trap like this one.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Used This Trap to Save a Feline

After the long hike, the put noms in the humane trap. Within five minutes, the lost feline, who is now named Elgee, was in it. Elgee went back down the mountain, and white coated humans with Brother Wolf treated him for the parasites he was dealing with.

Elgee was safe, but he needed a home. Soon, kind humans who adopted their first cat after finding him during a hiking trip contacted Brother Wolf. The humans at Brother Wolf decided that these humans would be the perfect home for Elgee. And so he went to their home.

Elgee is naturally cautious about his new home, but he is progressing well. His adopters give him space, and they are patient, having taken in shy cats before. They bought a camera to check on Elgee when they are not in the room. And when it is time, they will introduce him to the other felines in the home.

This lucky feline went from being stranded at the top of a mountain to living in a home where he is loved. This story makes me happy!

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