September 2 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. Today is Labor Day where I live, which means many humans have the day off. I hope that if you have the day off, you spend lots of time cuddling and playing with your felines. After all, we are like your four legged family members!

Some White Coated Humans Are Working Today

If you are enjoying a day where you do not have to go to work, remember that there are many humans who are working today to help felines, canines, and many other animals. I am very grateful to these kind humans. I will even say thank you to the white coated humans who are working in emergency hospitals today. After all, some of us will get sick and we will need to go there!

Hopefully that does not include me, and if my blood sugar readings are any indication, I will not be going there. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 149. That is a little lower than the 157 we saw last week. I like the readings we have been seeing, furiends. If a white coated human saw them and did not know the human gives me insulin twice a day, they would not think I have diabetes!

Another good thing is that even though I had one reading where the human did not want to risk giving me insulin, it still was not so low that it was hypoglycemic. Of course, my blood sugar went very high when I missed my insulin shot. But that is okay, because we got it back under control quickly.

Furiends, I will tell you about how my blood sugar readings go next Monday. Until then, I hope you enjoy a little extra time with your four legged and two legged friends. After all, that is what days off are supposed to be all about, right?

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