Almost 40,000 People Apply for Cat Sanctuary Job

The human joked with me, Jacey, and Koji that he was going to sign up for a job taking care of cats on a Greek island. He said he would make sure we could come along, and that he was very qualified because of his current work. Plus, he takes care of a diabetic cat like me.

He did not apply, but if he did, he would have had a lot of competition! Almost 40,000 people applied for the job, furiends!

Some of the Felines at God's Little People
Some of the Felines at God’s Little People

The cat sanctuary started when kind humans noticed that many humans took pictures of felines roaming the Greek island of Syros. But after they took the picture, too many humans ignored the felines. These kind humans started taking in injured, sick, and young felines. Soon, their house and the area around it turned into a cat sanctuary.

Now these humans are moving to New York, where one of them will build a cat sanctuary outside of New York City. They knew they needed to have someone come to take care of the felines. And they asked people to apply for the job.

They expected a few dozen people to apply for the job at God’s Little People. Instead, they received close to 40,000 applications. Some of them came from refugees fleeing war, who said they would send the money from the job to their relatives still in the war zone. People trying to escape abusive situations applied, too. And many humans who tried to run their own cat rescue wanted the job.

It took a long time and a lot of work, but these kind humans found their person. They chose a kind human who runs a rescue named RESQCATS in Santa Barbara. Like God’s Little People, RESQCATS takes in strays and abandoned cats. And felines they cannot adopt out stay with them.

The kind human taking the job will turn things over to volunteers. Then they will travel to God’s Little People and care for the cats there.

I am glad so many humans cared so much about felines they wanted to take this job. And I hope this inspires others to help felines.

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