Tiny Feline Saved From Drain Can’t Stop Shaking

I do not blame tiny felines for being nervous when they get rescued. One tiny feline, who was later named Kucil, was so nervous when she got rescued that she was shaking. I do not know if it was because she was very cold, since she came from a storm drain. Or she could have been very scared to be held by the humans who were helping her.

But she clearly needed help. Her fur was dirty and gray. She could barely open her eyes. And she was very weak. The humans who rescued her knew they had to nurse her back to health. They immediately put her in a blanket and put medicine on her paws. Then they took her to their home.

At first, Kucil was so weak she had a hard time nomming. Can you imagine that, furiends? Needing noms so badly that the act of eating was difficult? Fortunately, Kucil got past that point, and she started to nom more than the healthy felines in the home.

Kucil And Lucky are Furiends
Kucil And Lucky are Furiends

Then Kucil decided she needed to make furiends with the other felines in the home. She chose a feline named Lucky to become furiends with. At first, Lucky did not want to be furiends. But Kucil won her over, and now they are best furiends.

Kucil even won over the canine in the home. The canine always respected Kucil. But the humans rescuing Kucil did not know if she would become furiends with the canine. She soon did.

Kucil has come a long way from the scared, dirty, starving feline she was when she was first found. I am glad she has a good home where she gets lots of love from the four legged and two legged family members.

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