My Visit to the White Coated Humans

Hello, furiends. I visited the white coated humans a few days ago, and shared some pictures of my visit. Some of you worried that I was not doing well. It is nice to have kind humans like you concerned about me, but do not worry. I went to the white coated humans for my annual checkup.

Me Visiting the White Coated Humans
Me Visiting the White Coated Humans

When I went, the white coated humans were able to weigh me, check my heart and lungs, and check my internal organs. They had to stop there, because I became annoyed. And in order to get blood from me, they had to give me a sedative. They also took a urine sample and a stool sample while I was sedated.

The white coated humans called to let us know about the results a day later. Furiends, everything looked good. All of my blood readings were in the normal range. There was no sugar in the urine, which is a good sign for a diabetic cat like me.

Because I am a diabetic cat, the white coated humans do an additional test they do not do for cats without diabetes. This test tells them whether my blood sugar is under control. And the results from that made both me and the human happy. The test showed I have well managed blood sugar levels!

The one bad thing that we found is that I have cataracts. But even that is not too bad. The white coated human said I can definitely see things. My vision may be degraded, but at my age, that is not a surprise. Surgery would be expensive and may not bring much relief. So, as long as I am able to get around okay, the human will skip it.

I am happy with the results of my visit to the white coated humans, even though I still do not like going there!

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