Milk Is Bad for Felines

Furiends, today, I must talk to you about something many humans think is good for us felines but which is not. It is milk. Milk is not good for felines.

You see, we felines are like many of you humans. We are lactose intolerant. We do not have the enzymes needed to digest the lactose in cow’s milk. What that means is that we can end up with stomach cramps and diarrhea when we drink it.

This Feline May Have an Upset Stomach Later
This Feline May Have an Upset Stomach Later

One of the reasons why humans think felines love milk is because we love to eat cream. Back when many of you humans lived on farms and had felines who lived with cows, we would drink up the cream. But even when we did this, we would have to deal with an upset stomach afterwards. Since we mostly lived outside back then, most humans did not see this.

For tiny felines, it is different. You see, tiny felines have to get milk from their mothers to survive. And their small bodies produce the enzyme that helps them digest milk. But like with humans, once they reach an age where they can be weaned, many of them stop making the enzyme.

Even for tiny felines, though, cow’s milk is not the best choice. Their own mother’s milk is. And if they cannot get their mother’s milk, then it is better for them to get kitten formula. This better matches the milk their mothers would give them.

So, furiends, do not believe all the pictures of happy felines drinking milk. We may drink it, and we may even look like we are enjoying it. But if you go to the litter box later, you will see and smell evidence that it is not good for us.

I hope this makes you more aware of why you should not give milk to us felines.

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