Three Bonded Canines Seeking Home

Normally, I stick to sharing stories about felines. I especially like telling you about special needs felines. But today, I want to tell you about three special canines that need a home.

Sometimes, we four legged creatures develop bonds that require us to stay together. If something were to happen to the human, Jacey, Koji and I could all go to separate homes. We would miss our feline siblings, but we would adapt.

But there are felines and canines who are considered bonded. Bonded animals must stay together. When bonded animals are separated, it causes problems. They will stop eating, eliminate inappropriately, and display anxiety.

Edmonton Humane Society Wants to Find A Home for This Bonded Trio
Edmonton Humane Society Wants to Find A Home for This Bonded Trio

Edmonton Humane Society wants to adopt out three bonded canines. Goliath, Gunther, and Gasket are Saint Bernards. They are big dogs, furiends. Jacey, Koji, and I could all ride on their backs. And I am sure Koji would try if he met them.

Combined, these three canines weigh 350 pounds. But the humans caring for them at Edmonton Humane Society say they are “gentle giants” who have “won over the hearts of staff and volunteers.” Just be ready for “excessive drool” from these canines. And the human thinks I drool too much?

Because these canines are so large, they cannot go to a home where there are small humans. They are kind canines, but they are so big that just playing with small humans could be dangerous.

Edmonton Humane Society is being very diligent in making sure these three to go to the right home. They require potential adopters to email them for an appointment. And all humans in the home must be there for the interview.

Furiends, it will be a big challenge for Edmonton Humane Society to find a home for these canines. I hope these canines find that home, and that they get to enjoy long and happy lives together.

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