Cat Stuck On Pole Endures Long Wait for Help

We felines do best when we are kept inside. Some humans let their felines explore the outdoors. And when that happens, sometimes, we get stuck in places that we do not belong. That happened to a feline in Seattle named Bernard.

Bernard typically returns home after a night of wandering. One morning, his humans went looking for him when he did not. They discovered Bernard stuck on top of a 40 foot tall utility pole. They called the police non-emergency number, and while the police dispatchers were helpful, they said they couldn’t send any officers to help.

Next, Bernard’s human went to the fire department. They live close to a fire station, so they went there to ask for help. The fire department took a look. They told Bernard’s human that the electrical wires made it too risky for them.

So they called the utility company. The utility company sent a crew out, but the crew didn’t have the right equipment and they said they would not shut off the electricity because they didn’t want to black out the neighborhood.

Bernard’s humans then called the police and fire again. This time, they agreed to send a crew out. But when they got there, they said they couldn’t help because of the electrical lines. So the neighborhood decided to try to get Bernard themselves. That ended when the police and fire personnel on site told them to stop.

Poor Bernard was meowing for help during all of this. And that is when someone decided to do the same with an elected official. Within an hour of a call to the elected official who represents the area, the utility company sent a truck out. Soon, Bernard was safe.

Utility Company Worker Helps Bernard

The utility company said that the truck was already on the way because the fire department asked them to take a look at the situation. When their crew arrived, they realized it would be easier for them to rescue Bernard themselves.

The important thing is Bernard is safe and reunited with his human. I hope they learn to keep him inside!

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