October 28 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, everyone. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. For the week, they averaged 161. That is higher than we saw last week, when my blood sugar levels averaged 148. But it is exactly the same as what they averaged two weeks ago, which is unusual!

While the average glucose level was okay, there were individual concerns. My blood sugar levels dropped low enough for the human to skip my insulin dose twice. One of those was not by a lot, but the second one was very low. Furiends, I was hypoglycemic for the second one. Fortunately, I nommed a lot right away and got my blood sugar back up.

The human was definitely concerned but I showed him how strong I am by nomming quickly and getting my blood sugar levels back where they need to be.

Speaking of the human, this week, he cleaned the floors in our home. He does not like doing this, and he was very unhappy about having to do it. But he does this about once a month. I asked him why he does it that often, and he told me that if he didn’t, the floor would get very dirty.

Well, of course, as soon as he did this, Koji and I were not happy, because the floor did not smell like us anymore. So we went about getting our scent on it.

Koji Enjoying the Paper Bag Before he Destroyed it
Koji Enjoying the Paper Bag Before he Destroyed it

Now, you may think that we peed on the floor, but we did not. As soon as we could, we plopped down on the floor and started to roll around. And the human came back from the store with a paper bag. Koji, of course, decided that it was time to get into the bag and destroy it.

So much for the clean floor! But that is life for a human with felines.

Anyway, I will tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week next week. Until then, I hope you floor stay clean.

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