Australian Cat Rescued From Car at Mall

A cat in Australia is a very lucky feline after being rescued earlier this week. This feline was trapped in a car that was parked in a mall in Canberra. Fortunately for this feline, a human walking from the parking pay machine noticed its tail sticking out.

The human thought the cat was dead for sure. After seeing part of a leg and a fluffy tail, they thought the cat was “stuck hanging near a hot engine on a hot day.” But this human let the mall know anyway.

The Trapped Feline
The Trapped Feline

Mall security arrived on the scene, along with the owner of the car. And when they did, the feline demanded help. Acting quickly, the owner opened up the hood. But this was not enough to extract the feline. Parts of the car had to be taken apart.

After about an hour, the humans helped free the feline. It quickly tried to get away, but fortunately, the humans did not let that happen.

The rescuers took the feline to the white coated humans. White coated humans will check the feline’s health, and look for a microchip. Hopefully, the feline will go home soon. And if they cannot find the feline’s human, I hope the feline goes to a good home.

I am glad this feline was rescued, and I hope that wherever they end up, they are not allowed to roam outside and get trapped again!

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