Feline Helps Woman Detect Breast Cancer

Kind humans who adopt felines know they are saving a life. Usually, they think it is the feline’s life they are saving. But sometimes, the adopted feline ends up helping save the human’s life. That is what happened to a woman in Oregon.

A black and white feline named Mia went home with kind humans about a year ago. Both human and feline enjoyed spending time with each other. But one day, Mia sniffed her human’s breast, and looked up at her human. She did this multiple times, and each time the human pushed her away.

Eventually, Mia’s human figured Mia was trying to tell her something. So she did a breast exam and found a lump. Her human went to the white coated humans to have the lump checked. And the white coated humans told her she had cancer. Now Mia’s human is getting treatment for cancer, and she is doing well.

Mia Helped Her Human Detect Cancer
Mia Helped Her Human Detect Cancer

Mia has shifted her role. Instead of being the cancer detector, she now helps her human by comforting her as she battles cancer.

“She’s definitely just my angel now,” said Mia’s human about her feline. “I rescued Mia. But she rescued me right back.”

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