December 2 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to update you on my blood sugar readings for the week. If you have been following my glucose levels, you know that we’ve had issues over the past week. Of course, the average is not so bad. But we do not like the big swings we have been seeing.

This week, my blood sugar readings behaved a little more. For the week, they averaged 195, which is lower than the 209 we saw last week. That means we are in the 100-200 range that the human likes to see. But one thing we did not like was how my blood sugar levels dropped to a point where I could not get insulin one day.

The good news is that after I nommed, even though I went without an insulin shot, my blood sugar levels did not go too high. They went higher than we like, but one shot and they were back under the levels that cause problems long term.

Hopefully this trend will continue and I will get my blood sugar levels back under better control.

Felines Venturing Outside Needed this Last Week

We had an interesting week last week beyond my blood sugar readings. It rained very hard one day, and the human had to close the windows to keep the inside from getting wet! We did not like this, because we like to smell what is going on outside.

But the human tells me that the rain is good for us, and that we need it. And Koji and I entertained ourselves by watching the rain fall. We do not get to see it too often.

We may see more rain this week, so Koji and I will have fun watching it. Hopefully my blood sugar readings will return to more stable levels, too.

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