Feral Felines Help Humans Address Mouse Problems

Furiends, the best place for most of us felines is inside, where we are protected from the elements and all of the other risks of being outside. These things range from predators to cars to poisons to evil humans who abuse us.

But some felines do not do well in a home. And for those felines, a trap neuter return program works well. Sometimes, though, these felines will have no place to return to. For example, a vacant lot may be developed, and the felines cannot live there any more.

For these felines, kind humans with the NYC Feral Cat Initiative work to relocate them to places where they are welcomed. And these kind humans make sure they find the right places for these feral felines.

It’s treated as a real adoption,” said one of the humans with the program. “We’re not just giving away feral cats to people who may not feed them,” they added.

One smart human who lives by the railroad tracks in New York turns to this program to help control mice.  “I tell the neighbors how important they are. They don’t need any poison or mouse traps in the house,” he said.

And this kind human also treats the feral felines who help him just like he would a feline living in his home. In addition to giving them noms, he will talk to them, and lets them sleep inside the garage on a heating pad. These felines clearly like him, because sometimes they give him gifts of dead mice.

And when these felines leave him, he says, “it’s like a family member almost.”

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