Diabetic Cat Louie Needs a Home

Diabetic Cats in Need told me about a feline who needs a home, and I wanted to share his story with you. Hopefully, you can take this diabetic cat into your home. But if you cannot, you can help by sharing his story.

Diabetic Cat Louie Needs a Home

Louie is about six or seven years old, and he lives in Hampton, Georgia. This handsome boy was given to his current human by the person who owns the property. And Louie does a good job of pest control. 

Sadly, now that Louie has been diagnosed with diabetes, the landlord is denying ownership of him. He does not want to spend the green paper things needed to take care of Louie. This is very sad, because Louie took care of the pests in the home for a long time!

Louie’s human does not have the green paper things needed to care for him properly. And now his condition is starting to deteriorate, with him developing neuropathy.

This diabetic cat is a gentle and laid back feline. He likes to scratch the carpet squares his human puts down for him. And he also likes chasing around the red dot. When he is relaxing, he enjoys attention from his human or looking out the window to see what’s outside.

Furiends, we need to help Louie find a home. If you can take him in, please contact his human. And if not, please share his story so that he can find a home.

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