Feline Returns Home After Nine Months

A human let their feline investigate the outdoors in the spring of last year. They left the feline, named Bella, outside, and took their small human to school. Now, furiends, I do not recommend this. If we felines are outside, it should be under supervision and preferably in an enclosed area so that predators cannot get to us.

When the human returned home, they expected Bella to do the same thing. But Bella did not return. And as days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, they started to think they would not see Bella again.

Bella Reunited With Her Human

But one day, a cat rescuer took a cat they had been caring for to the white coated humans for a check up. The white coated humans scanned the feline, and learned she was Bella. They called Bella’s human, who wasn’t sure what to expect.

When they arrived at the white coated humans, about an hour’s drive away from their home, they knew right away. Bella greeted them and soon, they were on their way home. Bella purred during the ride home, so you know she was happy to see her humans.

Thanks to a microchip, Bella was reunited with her humans. Make sure to get one for us, furiends. And always supervise us if we are outside.

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