Boston Feline Rescued from Roof

Felines do not belong on rooftops. One of the reasons why the human was able to adopt Jacey was because she got out on the roof of the home she was living in. And because Jacey is a smart bengal cat, she decided she would do it many times to entertain herself.

What Jacey did was dangerous, but at least she did not do it in a place like Boston, where it gets cold. A feline named Gadget did this. He climbed to a small shingled area just below the roof of a building. It was easy for this nimble feline to get there, but humans trying to help him could not.

Gadget Trapped On The Roof

Kind humans from the Animal Rescue League of Boston tried to help him with nets and hooks. These all failed. Then they tried using a wooden panel to create a bridge for Gadget. But Gadget did not budge.

Eventually, Gadget’s human arrived, and was able to get him to walk across the bridge with a can of his favorite noms. Gadget was unharmed by his ordeal. “I’m so grateful and so happy to have Gadget back home,” said his human.

Animal Rescue League of Boston will carry out around 200 of these rescues this year. They are the only animal welfare organization in the state with a technical rescue unit, which specializes in helping animals in situations like Gadget’s.

I am glad they are so dedicated to taking care of us felines and canines!

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