Baltimore Brewery Looking for Missing Cat

I told you about how my fellow felines help a brewery in Chicago keep away rodents that wanted to eat their grain. It only makes sense. We felines and humans chose to live together because we are good at this.

Now, there is a brewery in Baltimore looking for their feline. Monument City Brewing Company shared a picture of three humans looking at a feline living on their grounds. The feline is named Willow. The humans at the brewery like him a lot and they gave him the nickname Will.

“We’re sure this was done with the best intentions,” said the humans at the brewery. “However, we’re pretty attached to Will and hope that you bring him back to his home.”

Will Relaxing Next to a Can of Beer Named After Him

Will’s humans have shared pictures of him in the past lounging around the brewery. One of these pictures showed Will relaxing next to a can of beer called Willow Hoppy Saison.

I hope that Will finds his way back to his home soon. It is clear his humans miss him, and we do not want rodents eating their grain!

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