Kind Humans Help Outdoor Felines

It started with a simple request from a kind human who lives in Albuquerque. They asked for styrofoam coolers that many food items are shipped in. And they quickly received many of them. “The response was incredible,” said this kind human.

What would a human want do do with so many foam coolers? They used them to make shelters for outdoor felines and other animals.

Two Kind Humans With the Shelters They Built for Animals

“I feel so sorry for all the animals out there. It’s been so cold,” said this human.

Making the shelters takes about an hour of work. First, the coolers get cut into parts than can be used for the shelter. Then, the human and their small human glues them together. After that, the frame of the shelter gets covered with heavy duty plastic bags. And finally, the house gets stuff with straw or hay.

All of the shelters are being used to help animals in the community stay warm. And they also keep waste from going into the landfill.

I am glad this kind human is helping so many felines and other animals and doing good for the environment.

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