Evil Humans Neglect and Abandon Canine

Supposedly, we felines cannot get along with canines. This is not true. Koji likes to play with canines, but he plays too roughly with small canines and they get scared of him. He loves to pounce on larger canines, and then they wrestle. I do not mind canines, until they lick me with their sloppy wet tongues. This annoys me, so then I swat the canines who do this to me.

But even when a canine annoys me, I do not think it should be treated as badly as one poor canine near me. An evil human abandoned a canine named Remington in a canyon. An abandoned canine normally does not get a lot of attention. But this poor canine did for a very sad reason.

Rescuers found Remington in a severely emaciated and dehydrated state. He was close to death. One of the white coated humans at San Diego Humane Society said in all their years working as a veterinarian, they had “never seen a dog this emaciated.” Poor Remington weighed less than 20 pounds. When he arrived, the humans in white coats worried that he might not make it through the night.

Fortunately, Remington is getting the care and help he needs to recover. It will take several months of therapy and treatment for him to able to go to a new home.

And humans with badges are looking to find out who the evil humans are that treated Remington so poorly before abandoning him. They are offering a reward of $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the evil humans who did this.

Remington Received Lots of Sweaters to Help Him Keep Warm

Kind humans are showing lots of love to Remington. They are sending sweaters to him, because he will need lots of those to keep warm while he gains weight.

I hope that Remington recovers and goes to a good home. And I hope that the evil humans who abused him spend time in a cage.

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