Goose The Cat Was Played By Four Felines

Many of you humans have seen Captain Marvel. And you know that one of the characters in the movie is a feline named Goose. Goose had the largest role of any animal in all of the Marvel movies.

But did you know that he was actually played by four felines? Each one of the felines was chosen for their ability to do certain things. Furiends, that sounds just like the Marvel superheroes themselves!

Four Felines Played Goose In Captain Marvel

Reggie is the cat you see in most of Goose’s scenes. According to his human, he is good at just about everything. Gonzo likes to be held, so he starred in scenes where Goose was being held. Archie has more personality, so he went into scenes where Goose needed to be feisty. And Rizzo does a lot of things well, so he could go into any role.

And the humans in the movie took the feelings of the felines into account. For example, when actors were in costume and the felines didn’t like it, they gave the felines time to get used to the costumes.

Furiends, many of you have seen Captain Marvel and the human tells me most humans liked it. But I want to go and see it, just so I can see the four felines who helped play Goose!

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