City Workers Rescue Feline in St. George, Utah

Remember when I told you about a kind human in Philadelphia who saved a feline from a utility pole? This kind human got suspended by Verizon, which made me want to go to their office and give the management many swats.

In St. George, Utah, city workers helped a feline stuck on a utility pole. But this time, it was because management told them to help.

When the workers arrived on the scene, they found two humans trying to help the cat. A neighbor joined them. These humans were trying to be kind to the feline, but what they were doing was dangerous.

This Feline Got Help to Escape From the Utility Pole

The city workers told the humans trying to help the feline what they were doing could hurt both them and the feline badly. Then they stepped in, putting on protective gear first. Soon, they were able to get to the trapped feline and help him.

After giving the feline a few pets, they released the feline. It apparently is a community cat and went back to its home. Hopefully this feline learned not to climb utility poles!

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