Firefighters Save Cat Trapped Under Car Seat

Firefighters sometimes helps felines stuck in trees. And they will also help canines and felines stuck in hot cars. But it is unusual for them to help a feline stuck under a car seat.

That is what happened in Brockton, Massachusetts recently. A woman called the Animal Control Department to let them know her feline had managed to get wedged under the seat of her car. Now, furiends, this is a reminder of why it is a good idea to put us felines in carriers when we are being moved. You do not know if we will get startled and go hiding in a place where we get stuck.

This Poor Feline Was Trapped and Needed Help From Firefighters

Animal Control responded, and sent an officer to help. But the officer was not able to help free the feline. So the fire department came to help. When they looked at how the cat had managed to get trapped, they were surprised. It would have taken the feline a lot of work to get stuck that way.

And it took a lot of work to help the feline get free. But eventually, the firefighters were able to create enough room to free the feline. The feline’s human thanked them, and then everyone went on their way.

Hopefully, the next time that human takes their feline somewhere, they put them in a carrier!

City Workers Rescue Feline in St. George, Utah

Remember when I told you about a kind human in Philadelphia who saved a feline from a utility pole? This kind human got suspended by Verizon, which made me want to go to their office and give the management many swats.

In St. George, Utah, city workers helped a feline stuck on a utility pole. But this time, it was because management told them to help.

When the workers arrived on the scene, they found two humans trying to help the cat. A neighbor joined them. These humans were trying to be kind to the feline, but what they were doing was dangerous.

This Feline Got Help to Escape From the Utility Pole

The city workers told the humans trying to help the feline what they were doing could hurt both them and the feline badly. Then they stepped in, putting on protective gear first. Soon, they were able to get to the trapped feline and help him.

After giving the feline a few pets, they released the feline. It apparently is a community cat and went back to its home. Hopefully this feline learned not to climb utility poles!

Big Feline Seeking Home

Furiends, the human tells me there are other humans sharing pictures of felines they call chonkers. Many humans think fat cats are cute. But when we felines get too big, we are at risk of many diseases, including the one that I battle, diabetes. Overweight cats are also at higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, hepatic lipidosis, and urinary tract infections, among other things.

The Animal Care Centers of New York City received a 41 pound cat named Barsik. His humans were leaving town, and they surrendered Barsik to the facility. He is so big that the facility did not have a cage for him, and put him in an office.

Barsik at Animal Care Centers of New York City

“Barsik is really sweet,” said one of the humans at the shelter. ” He’s clearly uncomfortable and doesn’t like to be lifted, as you can imagine. That, combined with the new environment, would make anyone cranky, but he’s not cranky at all. The longer humans have interacted with him, the easier it has become to care for him.”

Because of his obesity, Barsik is on a special, regulated diet. The human feeds Koji and me and all of the other cats he cares for twice a day. We nom when we are hungry and the human lets us nom when we want.

Barsik gets several small meals throughout the day. That way, he does not overeat.

Anjellicle Cats Rescue learned about Barsik, and they agreed to move him to a foster home so that he could get more attention. Barsik will go to the white coated humans so they can develop a weight loss plan and make sure there are no other issues with his health. Once he gets on the path to a healthy weight, they will make him available for adoption.

I hope that Barsik trims down soon, because he cannot be very happy being so big!