Big Feline Seeking Home

Furiends, the human tells me there are other humans sharing pictures of felines they call chonkers. Many humans think fat cats are cute. But when we felines get too big, we are at risk of many diseases, including the one that I battle, diabetes. Overweight cats are also at higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, hepatic lipidosis, and urinary tract infections, among other things.

The Animal Care Centers of New York City received a 41 pound cat named Barsik. His humans were leaving town, and they surrendered Barsik to the facility. He is so big that the facility did not have a cage for him, and put him in an office.

Barsik at Animal Care Centers of New York City

“Barsik is really sweet,” said one of the humans at the shelter. ” He’s clearly uncomfortable and doesn’t like to be lifted, as you can imagine. That, combined with the new environment, would make anyone cranky, but he’s not cranky at all. The longer humans have interacted with him, the easier it has become to care for him.”

Because of his obesity, Barsik is on a special, regulated diet. The human feeds Koji and me and all of the other cats he cares for twice a day. We nom when we are hungry and the human lets us nom when we want.

Barsik gets several small meals throughout the day. That way, he does not overeat.

Anjellicle Cats Rescue learned about Barsik, and they agreed to move him to a foster home so that he could get more attention. Barsik will go to the white coated humans so they can develop a weight loss plan and make sure there are no other issues with his health. Once he gets on the path to a healthy weight, they will make him available for adoption.

I hope that Barsik trims down soon, because he cannot be very happy being so big!

Tenth Life Helps Tiny Felines

Furiends, I know that many of you want to help tiny felines. One thing to remember is that if you see tiny felines and their mother is close by, leave them alone. It is likely their mother will come to help them soon. Observe for a while to see if the mother is taking care of the tiny felines.

That will prevent what happened with four tiny felines from occurring. These tiny felines were abandoned by their mother when a well meaning human intervened when she was moving them to safer ground. The mother thought these tiny felines were lost, so they moved on.

Say Hello to Chirp, Chuckle, Chatter and Squeak

But Tenth Life took them in, and they are working hard to give these tiny felines the care their mother would have provided them. Kind humans at the organization are giving them around the cat bottle feeding. They also weigh the tiny felines, help them relieve themselves, and do all the other things a mother would do.

It is hard work, but the kind humans at Tenth Life who do these things enjoy it. They get to spend time with adorable tiny felines. When these tiny felines grow big enough to be adopted, they are happy because they gave them a chance to thrive.

Learn more about what to do if you see tiny felines here. That way, you help them if they need it and you do not separate them from their mothers if they do not.

Over 100 Cats Pulled from Toronto Home

It is good for you humans to like us felines. And it is even better when you have some of us in your home. But some humans go too far. And that is exactly what happened in Toronto recently.

More than 100 felines were pulled from a home in Toronto. Toronto Cat Rescue learned about the hoarding situation, and they called Toronto Animal Services and Toronto Humane Society. The three groups worked together to coordinate a response.

Some of the more than 100 felines in a hoarder’s home

A human with Toronto Animal Services said they pulled 105 cats from the home, with more felines still in the home. And they added that current laws allow a maximum of six animals per home.

White coated humans affiliated with the organizations examined the felines. They found them to be generally healthy, although they had fleas, worms, and fur loss. Plus, the felines will need to be socialized so they get used to living in an environment without dozens of other cats around.

Toronto Cat Rescue activated a group of rescue volunteers, and they are fostering around 50 of the cats. All of the cats will be treated and spayed or neutered before become available for adoption.

Humans with Toronto Cat Rescue added that this hoarding situation shows why it is so important to get felines fixed. With each cat capable of producing two litters in a year, humans trying to care for unaltered felines can quickly become overwhelmed.

Authorities do not plan to press charges against the human hoarding these animals because they are cooperating. But they will make sure they do not get so overwhelmed with felines in the future.