Feral Felines Help Humans Address Mouse Problems

Furiends, the best place for most of us felines is inside, where we are protected from the elements and all of the other risks of being outside. These things range from predators to cars to poisons to evil humans who abuse us.

But some felines do not do well in a home. And for those felines, a trap neuter return program works well. Sometimes, though, these felines will have no place to return to. For example, a vacant lot may be developed, and the felines cannot live there any more.

For these felines, kind humans with the NYC Feral Cat Initiative work to relocate them to places where they are welcomed. And these kind humans make sure they find the right places for these feral felines.

It’s treated as a real adoption,” said one of the humans with the program. “We’re not just giving away feral cats to people who may not feed them,” they added.

One smart human who lives by the railroad tracks in New York turns to this program to help control mice.  “I tell the neighbors how important they are. They don’t need any poison or mouse traps in the house,” he said.

And this kind human also treats the feral felines who help him just like he would a feline living in his home. In addition to giving them noms, he will talk to them, and lets them sleep inside the garage on a heating pad. These felines clearly like him, because sometimes they give him gifts of dead mice.

And when these felines leave him, he says, “it’s like a family member almost.”

Feline and Canine Become Best Furiends

Many humans say that felines and canines do not get along. Humans even have a phrase, fighting like cats and dogs. But furiends, many of us felines and canines get along very well.

Meet Coco and Chico. Coco was suffering from mange when she was in a shelter. But as much as this bothered him, he was in better shape than his canine furiend Chico. A cruel human had put rubber bands on Chico’s mouth and they were so tight that they had to be surgically removed.

Coco and Chico Are Good Furiends

While they were in the shelter, these two became close. And Coco became Chico’s protector. Two kind humans came in to the shelter looking for a dog, and they met Chico. But then they saw that Coco was protecting him, and they decided “we can’t separate them.”

Soon, both Coco and Chico were on their way to their new home. And their humans loved having them both. “We’ve had the most beautiful moments with them” since the four legged family members came home, one of the humans said. “We haven’t laughed so much in the entire year.”

These two became furiends during very difficult circumstances. And now, their friendship will continue in their new home. So do not believe humans who tell you felines and canines cannot get along!

Two Bengals In St. Louis Need a Home

I know that many humans decide they cannot keep their felines for many reasons. Sometimes, these reasons are silly. They complain about how we felines leave too much fur on the furniture, or other things like that. But sometimes, the reason they must give up their felines is a valid one.

Jacey, for example, did not get the attention she needed when the human who took care of her went to boarding school. The human who purchased her did their best, but they simply could not give her the attention she needed. And Jacey, being a smart bengal, managed to find a way to entertain herself. She escaped from the house, furiends, and climbed onto the roof a lot and that is why Jacey’s former humans put her up for adoption. The human, Koji, and I are all happy they did, but these humans miss and love Jacey.

There are kind humans in St. Louis who are in a similar situation. They moved to St. Louis because they are doing a medical residency. This means they do not have much time to spend at home. And on top of that, they have a tiny human. They are responsible parents, and they do not let their felines near their tiny human unsupervised. That means their two bengal cats, who are named Stella and Izzie, are not happy.

Stella and Izzie Need a Home
Stella and Izzie Need a Home

These humans are heartbroken, but they realize they must do what is best for three year old Stella and seven year old Izzie. That means they must send them to a new home and Great Lakes Bengal Rescue is helping with this.

Stella and Izzie are playful, affectionate, and always use their litter box. They do scratch the furniture. But they will stop if they get appropriate things to scratch and the play time they want and need.

Can you help make a sad situation a happy one by helping these felines find a home? If you can, and you live near St. Louis, please contact Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. And if you cannot, please share this story. Hopefully Stella and Izzie find a good home soon.