Los Angeles Considers Felines to Solve Rat Problem

City Hall in Los Angeles has a problem with rats. This problem received more attention after the number of typhus cases in Los Angeles increased. One employee told a local television station they developed typhus after being bitten by an infected flea. That flea rode in on a rat, they said.

Working Cats Help Stop Rat Infestations

Some animal welfare activists have proposed a four legged solution — working cats. A human with Voice for the Animals Foundation said “I’ve never seen a place it didn’t work.” And they have experience placing working cats in City facilities, with three police stations patrolled not only by humans, but by felines.

An epidemiologist wasn’t sure about the effectiveness of felines in addressing the typhus problem. They said they worried the fleas might simply move from the rats to the felines. But the human with Voice for the Animals Foundation said the solution to that was simply treating the felines.

One of the City’s council members is discussing how a working cat program would work. Hopefully, they will bring the idea to the full council and it gets approved. Then, some feral felines who would likely lose their lives will get the chance to thrive. And they will keep the rats away from City Hall.

Stupid Humans Evict Beloved Firehouse Cat

Sometimes, you humans do things that make we want to swat you. Edna, a four year old tortie, arrived at San Francisco Fire Station 49 as a kitten. The firefighters at the station loved her, and they enjoyed having her around. She enjoyed spending time with them. And for four years, both Edna and all of the humans at the station enjoyed the arrangement.

But recently, a human who deserves many swats reported Edna to the San Francisco Fire Department. And the foolish humans in charge of the department decided that Edna had to leave.

Edna Before She was Evicted from Her Home at a Fire Station

Many people learned about Edna’s plight, and they responded with anger. One commenter said they were “very sorry to hear someone has screwed it up for Edna and those who cared for her.” They added “what the heck is wrong with that person and don’t they have anything better to do?”

The department said they could not have Edna around medical supplies due to the risk of contamination. But this does not make sense, furiends. These supplies are in boxes, and they are sealed in individual packages. Edna would not contaminate the supplies! And she likely kept mice and other rodents away from the station.

Fortunately for Edna, one of the humans at the fire station is taking her home temporarily. But she deserves to go back to her home at the station. I hope that happens soon.

Long Time Shelter Dog Saves Felines

Some humans say that felines and canines cannot get along well. That is just not true, furiends. And a canine who is a long term resident of Faithful Friends Animal Society in Wilmington, Delaware proved this.

Harvey has lived at Faithful Friends Animal Society for the past four years. One day, when he was going on a walk, he pulled his handler towards a storm drain. Then, when he got there, he started to bark. Harvey’s handler let him get closer. Soon, the canine showed his handler three tiny felines who were trapped in the drain.

It took a while, but the humans at Faithful Friends Animal Society were able to rescue the three kittens. They took the felines to the white coated humans for a check. After they were cleared medically, these felines went to foster homes. Soon, they will be available for adoption.

Harvey Saved Three Tiny Felines

Hopefully, these tiny felines will be adopted more quickly than Harvey. Harvey has spent four years living at the shelter. He used to live with humans who were supposed to care for him, but they gave him up.

Harvey is a lot like Koji in that he is friendly and handsome, but very goofy. He does a lot of silly things, and he wants humans of his own to do those things around. And after waiting for as long as he has, Harvey deserves that home.