My Visit to the White Coated Humans

Hello, furiends. I visited the white coated humans a few days ago, and shared some pictures of my visit. Some of you worried that I was not doing well. It is nice to have kind humans like you concerned about me, but do not worry. I went to the white coated humans for my annual checkup.

Me Visiting the White Coated Humans
Me Visiting the White Coated Humans

When I went, the white coated humans were able to weigh me, check my heart and lungs, and check my internal organs. They had to stop there, because I became annoyed. And in order to get blood from me, they had to give me a sedative. They also took a urine sample and a stool sample while I was sedated.

The white coated humans called to let us know about the results a day later. Furiends, everything looked good. All of my blood readings were in the normal range. There was no sugar in the urine, which is a good sign for a diabetic cat like me.

Because I am a diabetic cat, the white coated humans do an additional test they do not do for cats without diabetes. This test tells them whether my blood sugar is under control. And the results from that made both me and the human happy. The test showed I have well managed blood sugar levels!

The one bad thing that we found is that I have cataracts. But even that is not too bad. The white coated human said I can definitely see things. My vision may be degraded, but at my age, that is not a surprise. Surgery would be expensive and may not bring much relief. So, as long as I am able to get around okay, the human will skip it.

I am happy with the results of my visit to the white coated humans, even though I still do not like going there!

Declawing Bans Spread Through Canada

Furiends, I have never been to Canada. The human has and he says that I would probably like it. I do not know, furiends. He told me that there are many white watery things falling from the sky and I told him that Jacey and Koji would not like that.

But there is one thing that we would all like. Another province in Canada decided to ban declawing. Now, I should tell you that the human had my dew claws removed. But that is because they kept getting ingrown into my paw pad. My extra toe is like a thumb. And the dew claw would get trapped between, and get ingrown. After the second time this happened, the white coated humans recommended I have my dew claws removed.

This is very different, furiends, than declawing for non-medical reasons. Some humans have felines declawed because they do not like us scratching the furniture. But when they do this, they take away from us a tool we use to protect ourselves. And sometimes, this results in us biting more or going outside of the litter box, among other behavioral problems.

We Felines Need Our Claws

Plus, it is just cruel to declaw us felines. You humans would not like it if we chopped your fingers off at the top knuckle. So you should not do that to us felines.

In a statement, the organization that governs white coated humans in British Columbia said “elective and non-therapeutic declawing is ethically problematic and not an appropriate means of dealing with feline behaviour issues.” And in another province, Nova Scotia, similar comments were made. “That’s why we do need the ban. Because one declaw is one too many,” said one of the white coated humans behind the declawing ban there.

I am glad that these provinces banned declawing. Many cities in my home state of California also have declawing bans in place. I hope that soon, many other cities and states will ban this cruel practice.

March 25 Blood Sugar Readings

Jacey in the Exam Room

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to talk to you about my blood sugar levels. But before I do that, I will tell you about the day where the human and Jacey both went to the white coated humans.

The human goes to the white coated humans once every six months to get his teeth cleaned. Jacey, Koji and I do not. We do not get our teeth cleaned until they are dirty, and only Jacey needed to have that done.

But the human and Jacey went to get their teeth cleaned on the same day. Jacey went in first. She did not like the ride over to the white coated humans, furiends. She complained the whole way over. And the human tried to calm her down, but she did not listen. Once she got to the white coated humans, she was able to get pets from the human. And then they went into the cat room and Jacey hopped right out of the carrier and went to her favorite spot in the room.

Jacey in the Exam Room
Jacey In the Exam Room

Then the white coated humans started the procedure to clean Jacey’s teeth. They told the human they would let him know how things were going, and he left.

The human’s turn came later that day. His procedure took a lot less time, and he was home in time to relax and have fun with me and Koji. Afterwards, he went to pick up Jacey.

Jacey went home with directions to not allow her to run, jump, or climb for 24 hours. Furiends, Jacey is a nice cat, but she ignored those directions. She was running around and jumping and climbing on things almost immediately! And she let the human hear it about having to spend all day at the white coated humans. But now she has nice clean teeth. I hope I do not need that procedure because it does not sound fun.

Now, on to my blood sugar readings. For the week, they averaged 120, which is about the same as the week before. During that week, my blood sugar readings averaged 122. I am glad my glucose levels are nice and low. These levels are a little higher than normal, but they are still safe.

Hopefully this all means the human and I have things under control!