Stupid Humans Evict Beloved Firehouse Cat

Sometimes, you humans do things that make we want to swat you. Edna, a four year old tortie, arrived at San Francisco Fire Station 49 as a kitten. The firefighters at the station loved her, and they enjoyed having her around. She enjoyed spending time with them. And for four years, both Edna and all of the humans at the station enjoyed the arrangement.

But recently, a human who deserves many swats reported Edna to the San Francisco Fire Department. And the foolish humans in charge of the department decided that Edna had to leave.

Edna Before She was Evicted from Her Home at a Fire Station

Many people learned about Edna’s plight, and they responded with anger. One commenter said they were “very sorry to hear someone has screwed it up for Edna and those who cared for her.” They added “what the heck is wrong with that person and don’t they have anything better to do?”

The department said they could not have Edna around medical supplies due to the risk of contamination. But this does not make sense, furiends. These supplies are in boxes, and they are sealed in individual packages. Edna would not contaminate the supplies! And she likely kept mice and other rodents away from the station.

Fortunately for Edna, one of the humans at the fire station is taking her home temporarily. But she deserves to go back to her home at the station. I hope that happens soon.

February 10 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. Today I am a happy feline. I hopped up onto the bed about an hour before the talking box started to talk. And even though the human woke up briefly, he went back to sleep. I got to spend about an hour snuggling with the human. Then, after the talking box started to talk, I got my noms!

That is a good way to start the morning. And today, the sun is out. Koji and I initially wanted to go on the balcony to work on our fur tans, but we decided it was too chilly. So we decided to come back in and we will enjoy sun puddles while staying warm inside.

It is Always a Good Day to Enjoy a Sun Puddle

Now that I have told you about my morning, I will tell you about my blood sugar readings. For the week, they averaged 197. That is higher than the 183 we saw last week. But, there is a simple explanation. Everything was okay until Saturday evening, when my blood sugar levels dropped to a point where I could not get insulin.

Because of that, my glucose levels jumped. And when that happens, it takes a few shots to get things back to normal. It is annoying, but it is not too bad.

Well, I am off to join Koji in enjoying a sun puddle. I will tell you about my blood sugar readings next week.

Monument City Brewing Company Gets Their Cat Back

Furiends, on Wednesday, I told you about how Willow, a feline who lived at Monument City Brewing Company, was taken by humans who thought he needed a home. The humans at the brewery did not think they were trying to hurt Willow, who is known as Will for short. Instead, they thought the humans who took him saw a friendly cat outside and wanted to give him a home.

Monument City’s humans missed Will, and they put out a call on their Facebook page to get him back. Local media shared the story, and the story spread far and wide. And fortunately for Will, it worked.

According to one of the humans at Monument City, three people who didn’t know about Will took him home. They didn’t know he was living at the brewery as a working cat. And they thought they would give him a good home.

Wil; Being a Greeter at Monument City Brewing Company

“They treated [Will] really well” when he was away, said this human. And the interaction when they brought Will back was “nothing but positive.”

In order to celebrate Will’s return, Monument City is going to throw a party today. Or since it is because of a feline, maybe we should call it a pawty?