Diabetic Cats in Need Raises Over $2,000

You all know that Diabetic Cats in Need is one of my favorite animal welfare groups. How could a diabetic cat like me not love an organization where kind humans help other felines battling diabetes?

On Giving Tuesday, they raised $2,375 thanks to kind humans like you. Because of this, they will be able to help many diabetic cats. Those green paper things will pay for at least 20 starter kits for felines fighting diabetes.

Because of the generosity of their donors, Diabetic Cats in Need will be able to help felines like Max, who lives in Johnston, Rhode Island. He left the white coated humans there, and he is living with a human who simply cannot give him the insulin he needs to thrive.

Diabetic Cats in Need is Helping Max

Diabetic Cats in Need is looking for a foster home for Max. Max likes other felines and enjoys being around canines. He does get annoyed when he goes to the white coated humans, but I doubt he is classified as “very fractious” like me.

The kind humans at Diabetic Cats in Need will help with the cost of insulin, testing supplies, and visits to the white coated humans. If you can help, please contact Max’s human.

I am glad that Diabetic Cats in Need received the green paper things they need to help felines like Max. Now let’s see if we can help him find a home or foster home. Please share his story so that someone can help.

November 25 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. You will remember that last week, I told you that my blood sugar readings were not cooperating with me and the human. Well, I am sad to say that that is still happening.

The average is not so bad. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 209. That is down from the 219 they averaged the week before. Neither number is dangerous. But what is happening is that there isn’t any real consistency to my glucose levels.

My blood sugar dropped too low for me to get insulin three times. Naturally, without insulin, the next reading showed a big spike. We do not like this. We want my blood sugar to be more consistent.

I do not know why this is happening. But we will continue to try to get things under better control.

Now on to happier things. I understand many of you humans nommed on turkey last Thursday. The human did as well, and he brought some back. He put some of the leftovers in the refrigerator and ate them the next day.

The human does not like the skin, so he threw it away. And do you know what Koji decided to do?

Koji decided that since the human did not want the skin, he could eat it. I am afraid that he got this idea from me, furiends. You see, the human lets me help him clean his plate up after he is done. I lick the plate clean after there are no more human noms on it.

Koji Looking Innocent

Koji took it a little further. He opened the cabinet where the trash can was, and dragged the trash can out. Then he tipped it over and dug through the trash to get the skin.

The human was not happy about this, and told Koji to stop. He put the skin in our food dish, and we nommed on it.

That was fun, furiends. Well, except of the human getting annoyed at Koji.

I will tell you about my blood sugar readings next week. Hopefully, they will be more consistent!

Two Bengals In St. Louis Need a Home

I know that many humans decide they cannot keep their felines for many reasons. Sometimes, these reasons are silly. They complain about how we felines leave too much fur on the furniture, or other things like that. But sometimes, the reason they must give up their felines is a valid one.

Jacey, for example, did not get the attention she needed when the human who took care of her went to boarding school. The human who purchased her did their best, but they simply could not give her the attention she needed. And Jacey, being a smart bengal, managed to find a way to entertain herself. She escaped from the house, furiends, and climbed onto the roof a lot and that is why Jacey’s former humans put her up for adoption. The human, Koji, and I are all happy they did, but these humans miss and love Jacey.

There are kind humans in St. Louis who are in a similar situation. They moved to St. Louis because they are doing a medical residency. This means they do not have much time to spend at home. And on top of that, they have a tiny human. They are responsible parents, and they do not let their felines near their tiny human unsupervised. That means their two bengal cats, who are named Stella and Izzie, are not happy.

Stella and Izzie Need a Home
Stella and Izzie Need a Home

These humans are heartbroken, but they realize they must do what is best for three year old Stella and seven year old Izzie. That means they must send them to a new home and Great Lakes Bengal Rescue is helping with this.

Stella and Izzie are playful, affectionate, and always use their litter box. They do scratch the furniture. But they will stop if they get appropriate things to scratch and the play time they want and need.

Can you help make a sad situation a happy one by helping these felines find a home? If you can, and you live near St. Louis, please contact Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. And if you cannot, please share this story. Hopefully Stella and Izzie find a good home soon.