Big Feline Seeking Home

Furiends, the human tells me there are other humans sharing pictures of felines they call chonkers. Many humans think fat cats are cute. But when we felines get too big, we are at risk of many diseases, including the one that I battle, diabetes. Overweight cats are also at higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, hepatic lipidosis, and urinary tract infections, among other things.

The Animal Care Centers of New York City received a 41 pound cat named Barsik. His humans were leaving town, and they surrendered Barsik to the facility. He is so big that the facility did not have a cage for him, and put him in an office.

Barsik at Animal Care Centers of New York City

“Barsik is really sweet,” said one of the humans at the shelter. ” He’s clearly uncomfortable and doesn’t like to be lifted, as you can imagine. That, combined with the new environment, would make anyone cranky, but he’s not cranky at all. The longer humans have interacted with him, the easier it has become to care for him.”

Because of his obesity, Barsik is on a special, regulated diet. The human feeds Koji and me and all of the other cats he cares for twice a day. We nom when we are hungry and the human lets us nom when we want.

Barsik gets several small meals throughout the day. That way, he does not overeat.

Anjellicle Cats Rescue learned about Barsik, and they agreed to move him to a foster home so that he could get more attention. Barsik will go to the white coated humans so they can develop a weight loss plan and make sure there are no other issues with his health. Once he gets on the path to a healthy weight, they will make him available for adoption.

I hope that Barsik trims down soon, because he cannot be very happy being so big!

April 7 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. I know you are interested in these, because with the noms I am eating now my blood sugar does not go as high. That meant the human adjusted my insulin doses.

Showing the Human the Belly

For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 149, which is higher than what we saw last week but still good. What is not good is that we saw a lot of blood sugar readings that were lower than we liked. Remember, high glucose levels make me sick over a long time but low ones can be dangerous immediately.

The human thinks he will adjust my insulin doses a little more, and cut the dosing by another half unit. Just a few weeks ago, I was getting three units if my blood sugar levels were over 100, and 2.5 units between 50 and 100. The human switched that to two units for levels between 50 and 150, and 2.5 for readings above that.

Now the human is going to change it again. He will give me one unit between 50 and 100, 1.5 units between 100 and 250, and two units for levels above 250.

Furiends, this is why it is challenging for humans with diabetic cats like me. It is not easy to always have to monitor my blood sugar levels, but the human does it because he knows it is something we need to do!

Man Chooses Feline Over Ex-Girlfriend

Furiends one of the most inconsiderate and infuriating things someone can do is to require a human give up their furry friends as a condition of a relationship. It has happened to the human before, and he made the woman demanding it take a cab home!

A man recently heard from an ex-girlfriend, who he split up with due to religious differences. She said she would get back together with him, but only if he gave up his feline furiend.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye, then,” is how he responded to the offer. That is a lot more politely than Jacey, Koji, the human and I think he should have responded. I think he should have swatted her, but the human said that would get him in trouble. Apparently, you humans have rules against swatting other humans, even if they deserve it. The human said he would have used only two words and seven letters, with the second word being off.

This Feline Gets to Stay with His Human

But what is important is that the feline stayed with his human. They are happy together, and he is better off with the feline than the unreasonable woman. After all, if they split up once, they may have split up again. And then that poor human would be without his feline and without the woman, who doesn’t deserve either that human or a feline.