A Diabetic Cat Enjoys the Sun

Hello, everyone.  I hope you are enjoying your Caturday.  I sure am.  My human didn’t bug me too much today when I was trying to sleep.  And he let me out on the balcony to work on my fur tan.  I may be a diabetic cat, but I am also a southern California cat.   That means I need to work on my fur tan.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Workiing on His Fur TanYou can see me working on my fur tan here.  What do you think?  Is it looking good?  Do I need to get more sun, or am I doing okay?

Have you ever wondered why we felines like to soak up the sun?  Well, one of you humans has done some research into this.  And it’s really interesting.  We like to do this because it helps us conserve energy.  Just like you humans, we are mammals, and about a third of our energy goes into keeping us warm.  So when we can let the sun do it, why not?

My human tells me that you have something called solar energy.  He tells me that it helps power things like the flat glass thing that has pictures which move.  Can you tell my human he needs to stop watching it so much and play with me and Jacey?

It is interesting, isn’t it, that we felines have been using that energy for thousands of years?  Sometimes we are smarter than you humans give us credit for.

So I think I will go and use that solar energy some more.  There is a logical and scientific reason for this diabetic cat to go and enjoy the sun and work on his fur tan.

But there is also a much more fun one.

Sometimes, it just feels good to enjoy the sun.  And that may be the best reason of all for me to work on my fur tan.  What do you think?

Meet African Jungle Cat Hybrid Simba

Hello to all my friends, both the two legged and four legged kind!  Remember how I told you that my human wanted to bring all sorts of big cats home with him when he went to the San Diego Zoo?  I may be a diabetic cat and sweet but I can set my paw down when I need to.

Here is a story about what happens when you do bring an exotic cat into your life.  Some people say we bengals are exotic cats, because we originally a cross between the Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat.  The early generation ones are exotic cats, but when you get four generations beyond the wild cat, then we are okay for the right human.  Even then, we are active, vocal, playful, and intelligent cats so even domestic bengals like me and Jacey are not right for all humans.  Especially when you add in the challenges that a diabetic cat like me presents.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Introduces SimbaMy furiend Simba is definitely an exotic cat.  He is the offspring of an African Jungle Cat and a first generation hybrid.  That means he is 75 percent African Jungle Cat.

At six weeks, he went to live with his first human.  He was declawed because since he was so close to a wild African Jungle Cat, his claws were razor sharp.  Combined with a human who was on medications, that was not a good mix.  He absolutely loved his human.  She would feed him table scraps, treated him kindly, and showered Simba with lots of love.  Not surprisingly, Simba became very bonded to his human.  He was tolerant of his human’s two legged kids, because they weren’t around too much, but he never really bonded with them.

One day, Simba’s human left and never came back.  Other humans told Simba that he would see her over the rainbow bridge, but Simba didn’t believe them.  And one of her two legged kids put Simba in a cage and took him to a strange place.

Simba was not happy with this.  He wanted his human back, not her strange two legged child.  He had to let this human know that he wasn’t happy, so he started to stalk her and bite her legs.  Eventually, she couldn’t take it any more, and Simba thought he was going to be reunited with his human.  But instead he went to a place called Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue.Cheetah and Dog Bonded

He is getting lots of love from the humans there, but he still wants the human he bonded with back.  Remember when I showed you the picture of the cheetah at the San Diego Zoo and the dog?  They bond for life, and if the dog goes over the rainbow bridge before the cheetah, then that cheetah can no longer be an animal ambassador.  The same thing has happened with Simba, and it will take a lot of time and love to get Simba to trust other humans.

Spots and Stripes is not giving up.  They do need some help, because they need an enclosure for Simba.  If you think this diabetic cat is big, I am tiny compared to him.  I am 16 pounds, and Simba is double my size.  So he needs to be kept in a special place so he cannot hurt the other cats.

You can help Spots and Stripes and Simba by donating.  And if you can’t donate, please share this story so that others can help.

A Happy Bengal Cat Rescue Story

Yesterday, I shared the story of Smokey with you.  His story is a wonderful one, and I was happy to share it.  Today, I’ve got another sweet story for you.  Maybe it’s good for me to share these stories with you because it may help reduce this diabetic cat’s blood sugar levels.

Meet Denzel.  He is a bengal cat like me, and like me, he was a rescue.  Denzel was found wandering the streets as a stray and he was brought in to the Scottish SPCA.  They were able to find the cute little kitten a home.

Unfortunately, that home didn’t work out.  Poor Denzel did not have a kind older furiend like I did with Pepe.  His humans were very unhappy about having to return him after four weeks, but he was just getting bullied too much.

Denzel came back to the SSPCA with some medical conditions.  He had diarrhea and an upset stomach due to the stress of being bullied.  It took three full months for him to recover from this, and he had to stay in the SSPCA until he recovered because no human wanted to step in and take home a cat who was suffering from diarrhea.

In stepped Denzel’s current human, who said she instantly “fell in love with him and decided within one second he was my new furbaby.”  Since then, you can’t keep those two apart.  His human says that Denzel is “like a wee dog” who follows her from room to room.  And he showers her with love, wanting to cuddle from morning to night.  This is something his human is all too happy to do.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants You to Meet DenzelThere’s one place Denzel isn’t supposed to go, and that’s his human’s bed.  Well, you can see, just like most bengal cats, even if Denzel knows he’s not supposed to do something, he sometimes goes and does it anyway.

Denzel is a finalist in the Bengal Cat World Rescue Tails contest.  He sure could use your votes.  You can click on the picture above and then like it, or you can click here to go to the Facebook photo and then like it.

We have another cat here who had a medical condition, just like this diabetic cat.  But as is always the case, for the right human, that medical condition doesn’t stop the cat from being a wonderful and loving pet.