Say Hello to Special Needs Cat Lazarus

Diabetic cats like me call our humans vampires, because they are always sticking us and draining blood from us so that they can test our blood sugar levels.  When I bite my human and draw blood, it is revenge, but I am not a vampire.

There is a special needs cat, however, that you could definitely call a vampire cat.  His name is Lazarus, and here is his story.Special Needs Cat Lazarus isn't a Diabetic Cat but he's got a great story!

Cindy Chambers is a special education professor at East Tennessee State University who has a soft spot for animals.  So when one of her students found a sick, malnourished cat who seemed to be missing his nose wandering the streets, she was the natural choice to turn to for help.  Given that the professor specializes in helping those with disabilities and there was a cat who had one, why not bring the cat to her?

Poor Lazarus was not in good shape.  He was malnourished, had fleas, and his mouth was in very bad condition.  Lazarus was in such bad shape that the professor was worried that the veterinarian would tell her the cat needed to be put down.  Even a diabetic cat like me has nothing on this!

Lazarus also has a cleft palate.  This deformity left him without an upper lip or the soft padding on the top of his mouth.  But that condition wasn’t the worst thing Lazarus was dealing with.  He had bone exposure on the roof of his mouth, and a bad infection that had spread from his mouth to his nasal passages.

Special Needs Cat Lazarus isn't a Diabetic Cat but he's got a great story!It took a while to learn that the infection was coming from an abscessed tooth.  Once his human learned this, Lazarus had his canine teeth and the infected tissue removed from his mouth and his nasal passages.

Now Lazarus is a healthy cat whose only real medical problem is the occasional bloody nose.  His human handles that by putting a humidifier by where Lazarus sleeps.

There’s one more hurdle for Lazarus to clear, and that’s to pass the tests to become a therapy cat.  You’ll remember we told you about Dexter the therapy cat.  Once Lazarus gets older, his human wants him to join that very special group of cats.

Whether it’s a cat with a cleft palate or a diabetic cat like me, special needs cats just need a little extra attention.  If you’re a human who is willing to give us that special care, we can be loving friends for you.

Two Diabetic Cats Need a Furever Home

One of the things that made me very happy was when my human told me that one of the diabetic cats I highlighted, Missy, found a furever home.  I am helping my human raise awareness of diabetic cats and other special needs cats.  Missy finding a new home made both of our hearts melt.

Hopefully our hearts will melt once again.  Today I want to share two diabetic cats who need a home.  First up is a sweet boy named Jeff, who is located in New York City.

Can you give diabetic cat Jeff a home?Jeff recently was diagnosed with diabetes fairly recently, in January.  And his current human took him in after his previous human couldn’t keep Jeff due to allergies.  There are very few reasons why a human should give up a cat.  Health conditions are one of the few.

Jeff’s current human loves him very much, but due to personal reasons, he can no longer give Jeff the care he needs.  So he is doing the right thing, and giving Jeff up to a human who can take care of this sweet boy.  Jeff has been fixed and he is a very adaptable cat who is super friendly and a total snuggle bug.  If you’d like to give Jeff a loving home, contact Diabetic Cats In Need.

If a sweet ginger boy isn’t the right diabetic cat for you, maybe a pretty tortie girl will be.  Elphie was adopted by her current human just a few months ago.  Unfortunately, just when this lap cat who is full of love got settled in, she started to show the classic signs of diabetes.  She was diagnosed as a diabetic cat in February.Say hello to Elphie, a diabetic cat who needs a home

Her current human loves her, but due to a very hectic work schedule that can include 16 hour days, Elphie’s human just can’t take care of her properly.  One of the humans at Diabetic Cats in Need visited Elphie, and said that she had the purrfect personality for a cat.  But like me, she is not happy with blood sugar testing.  And she’s probably going to need insulin, because her blood sugar reading after a week on wet food was 394.

Elphie’s human really wants to keep her, because this is the first cat ever for this human.  But with those long days, Elphie’s human is worried that she may suffer.  That’s why Elphie is available for adoption.

If you want to adopt Elphie, send an email to Diabetic Cats In Need.

I know your heart has room for these sweet diabetic cats.  But if your home doesn’t have room for one, please share this so they can find a home.


Beautiful Plants Can Be Deadly for Cats

As many of us enter spring, it’s important for humans who have cats to remember that many beautiful plants can be dangerous to us.

One of the deadliest plants for cats is one that we tend to find irresistible.  And with Easter just a few days ago, some of you may have this plant without realizing how it can kill us.

Lilies are beautiful but deadly for catsThe lily is a gorgeous plant, and humans love them.  And I don’t blame you humans.  After all, who could say no to a plant that has large, fragrant flowers like the ones lilies have?

We felines like them, too, but the problem is they are deadly to us.  They can damage our kidneys can create a condition called renal failure.  That can lead to the demise of a curious cat.

Lilies are not the only pretty plant that are dangerous for us cats.  Another pretty plant that can cause us to get very sick is the tulip.  We can tiptoe through those, but make sure we don’t eat them because we will get sick.

It seems like the holy days around the Christian religion feature plants that will hurt us.  Around now, there are lilies.  And then when the temperatures fall and many places get snow, you humans like the mistletoe.  Well, that can make us sick, too.  And so do hollies.

One plant that is not as bad for us as many humans think is the poinsettia.  It will make us sick, but we have to eat a lot of the plant in order for us cats to get really sick.  So basically, unless you let us eat the whole plant, we will be okay.  And because the sap from the poinsettia irritates us, it is unlikely that a cat like me would eat enough of the plant to hurt us badly.

For the sake of your cat, please visit the ASPCA website and look at its list of plants that are poisonous to cats.  Don’t buy these plants.  There are many other plants that you can buy that are very pretty and safe for us cats.