A Lost Leg Won’t Break Pretzel’s Spirit

I like to highlight special needs cats so that you humans can learn that we do have challenges normal cats don’t face.  But regardless of they are diabetic cats like me or cats with more challenging issues, one thing we have for sure is spirit.

That’s the case with Pretzel, who is also known as the Little Kitty Who CouldPretzel was born blind and with twisted back legs.  She was likely born to a feral cat who was suffering from distemper, and this may be what caused the birth defects.

Pretzel's challenges make a diabetic cat's look easyShe found a human who was willing to take her in and deal with all of these issues.  Pretzel had surgery on her right rear leg and things looked good, but then she got sick.  This sickness seemed to have caused the blood flow in her rear right leg to stop and the poor girl, who had been through so much already, had to give up the leg.

The surgery to remove Pretzel’s right rear leg took place on April 11.  Fortunately for Pretzel, the surgery went well.  Remember how I told you she hasn’t lost any of her spirit?  Well, this is definitely true because there was no recovery period for this girl.  Once the drugs wore off, she hopped up and started acting like she owned the animal hospital!

Pretzel returned home and quickly became the same spunky, spirited girl she was with all four legs.  She even started helping her humans make their bed again.

She’s facing the challenge of getting used to moving around on three legs instead of four.  Pretzel does fall on her face more than her human would like, but that’s nothing after all she’s been through.

This diabetic cat has nothing on Pretzel.  But if she can be a wonderful and loving cat for the right human — just listen to that purr — there’s no reason a special needs cat won’t be a great pet for you!

Update on Missy the Diabetic Cat

Hello, everyone.  My human tells me some of you call today Sunday Funday.  Well, it certainly has been a fun day for this diabetic cat.  The fun started this morning when my human let what he told me are good bugs out.  I guess you humans call them lady bugs.  They were in a sealed pouch, and he wanted to let tA Diabetic Cat Wonders Why These Are in His Homehem out in the balcony garden.  But he came inside to open the pouch, and that meant some of them escaped.

Of course, Jacey and I saw these spotted bugs and were fascinated by them.  We were observing them, and just like cats, we swatted at them.  Our human told us to stop, so we eventually did.  But that was a fun way to start the day!

And my day got even better. You may remember that a fellow diabetic cat named Missy had a death sentence commuted by a kind human.  The human who took Missy into her home and heart wrote to me and told me about what’s happening.

Missy is now running around the house like she is a kitten again, exploring and having fun.  Her human says that someone forgot to tell Missy that she is eleven years old because she’s acting like an eleven month kitten!Diabetic Cat Missy is Happy in Her New Home

As the second cat into the home, Missy is learning to live with the resident cat, whose name is Chairman.  They have learned to respect each other’s space.  Hopefully they will become good furiends soon.

But the best news is that Missy’s blood sugar readings are excellent.  The home readings are very similar to what her humans are getting at the veterinarian’s office.  This means that Missy is likely a broken diabetic, and she will not need insulin.  Her humans will reduce the number of ear sticks she gets, and concentrate on keeping her diabetes in check with diet and exercise.

This story makes my little feline heart beat a little faster.  I hope it makes your big human heart do the same.

Missy is another case of a diabetic cat needing a little more attention and care but showing that there is nothing wrong with her heart or her ability to get into your heart.

Curiosity and a Diabetic Cat

A closet for a diabetic cat to explore

You remember how stressed Jacey and I were when our human moved us to a new place?  We are still exploring and we are still finding new things to entertain us.  Yes, I am a diabetic cat, but the key word in there is cat.  You humans have a saying about curiosity and it killing the cat.  I am still alive, so my natural curiosity hasn’t killed me but it does make for entertaining moments for my human.

A closet for a diabetic cat to exploreOne of the things that I found interesting in our new home was this thing.  Now, my human goes into it when he gets ready to leave for the day and he goes in there when he comes home. You humans do not have fur like me and Jacey do, so you have to put on these things called clothes.  And I see those things in this place, which I understand you call a closet.

There are three doors that slide back and forth, and there’s no rail on the bottom like there was in our former home.

That was just too much for this diabetic cat to pass up.  I started to sniff at the bottom of the door, and then I decided to see what I could do with my paw.  When the bottoms of the doors moved, I decided I’d push a little harder to see what happened.

Well, eventually, I discovered that if I pushed hard enough, there would be enough room for me to go inside and see what things my human had in this closet.  And I did.

This was fun, but then I wanted to come out.  And while I could open up enough space to go in, it didn’t work the same way for going out.  My human had no idea I was doing this, so he heard me talk and couldn’t find me.

I heard him asking “where are you, Bagheera?”  He knew I was in the house because he heard me me talking, but he didn’t know where I was for a while.  But he finally found me, opened the door, and I hopped right out.

Silly human.  Doesn’t he know that stress is bad for a diabetic cat and he needs to help me when I get into situations I can’t get out of?

Sometimes I wonder why I keep him around.