A Yoga Pose This Diabetic Cat Can’t Do

You may remember that I wrote about how even a diabetic cat like me can do poses that my human can only dream of doing, even though he has been practicing yoga for years.  Well, today, he came and told me that he can do a pose that I can’t do.

Even a diabetic cat like me dose a better cat pose than thisRemember how I told you that no matter how well he does his cat pose, it is nothing like what Jacey and I do without even trying?

That is the cat pose that my human does in yoga class.  I am sorry, but that looks nothing like what Jacey and I do.  And while I give my human credit for trying, it just isn’t as graceful or elegant as what we do without trying at all.

After all, we are cats.  The best you humans can do is merely imitate us.  And imitation is nothing like the real thing.  So Jacey and I think it’s cute that he tries, but we always remind him that we are cats, and no matter how much yoga he does, he will never be as flexible and graceful as us.

Well, today, he told us that he had a pose that we couldn’t do.  We looked at hm, and kind of thought, silly human.  There’s no way there’s any pose you can do A diabetic cat can't do this posethat we can’t.  We are just more flexible than you are.

And then he showed us this pose.  It’s called wheel pose, and he is right.  We cannot do this.  We are much more flexible than he is, but our spine only bends one way.  Cats cannot make their spine bend backwards like you humans can.  So this is a pose we cannot do.

But Jacey and I have figured out how to get at our human when he does this.  When he does, this diabetic cat will jump on top of his stomach.  Let’s see if he can hold that pose with 16 pounds on top of his stomach.  If that doesn’t work, Jacey will join me.

We think that the wheel will collapse.  That will serve our human right for showing us graceful felines up.

You would think that because I am a diabetic cat, I am sweet.  And I am.  But I will not allow my human to show me up.

Create a Happy Ending for Big Boy

Big Boy is a fellow diabetic cat who has a very sad story.  Can you kind humans write a happy ending to it?

Big Boy the Diabetic CatThis is Big Boy.  As you can tell, he is a handsome Maine Coon.  His story is a sad one.  Apparently, Big Boy was semi-feral at some point.  He was living in the basement of the mother of the human who eventually took him in.  Poor Big Boy was kept down there because he didn’t like humans very much.

The human who took Big Boy in found him in the basement of his mother’s home when his mother passed away.  So poor Big Boy had already lost one human.

His human took him in and did a lot of work to socialize Big Boy.  His efforts were rewarded, as Big Boy warmed up a lot to his human.  After all, Big Boy’s human was able to test his blood sugar levels and give him insulin shots.  How much work do you think would be needed to get a semi-feral cat to allow this?  A lot, that’s for sure.Big Boy the Diabetic Cat

Unfortunately, Big Boy’s human recently passed away.  The daughter of the human who was taking care of Big Boy wants to have this boy euthanized, because he is an older cat.  But Big Boy is 11, and he’s got lots of life left.

His former human’s ex-wife is a very kind person.  She is driving an hour twice a day to give Big Boy his insulin shot.  This is a lot to ask for from any human, especially one with lupus.

Big Boy does not have a lot of time left.  If he doesn’t find a home soon, it is likely he will be euthanized.  But this sweet diabetic cat has come so far and for a human who is willing to work with him, there’s no question he will reward that effort with lots of love.

If you can’t help Big Boy, please share this so that someone can help him.  He had a home, but that fell through and now he’s back on borrowed time.  If you have room in your heart and home for Big Boy, please contact Trudy.

Batgirl’s Story is a Miraculous One

I want to give everyone a paw high five.  It may be a little sugary, because I am a diabetic cat, but I am sure it will make you happy.

My human tells me that you have a saying that cats have nine lives.  Well, we all know this isn’t true, because I have seen my furiend Pepe go over the Rainbow Bridge and he did not get to live eight more times.

But if there ever was a cat who had nine lives, it’s the one I’m going to introduce you to today.  Her name is Batgirl.

Batgirl was found on a Philadelphia street in April of last year.  Her eyShe's not a diabetic cat, she's BATGIRL!es were swollen shut because she had a really bad infection.  A kind human took her to a shelter, but it was a high kill shelter.  Poor Batgirl sat in the dark for a few days because her eyes couldn’t handle any light.  Her time was just about up, but then her foster human spotted her and took her home.  That’s two lives that Batgirl had used up, just by getting put in the shelter and having her death sentence commuted.

Only three days after Batgirl went home with her foster human, she almost died.  But her human talked to some other humans, and she was able to recover.  Less than a week later, Batgirl’s eyes healed enough for her to be able to see.  But then she had another challenge.  She didn’t know how to eat.  So her human took her to work for a month, and fed her with a syringe for a month.

She's not a diabetic cat, she's BATGIRL!Batgirl faced a few more challenges that scared her human, and made her human think that the poor feline was never going to get a chance to live.  But her human refused to give up, and Batgirl didn’t quit, either.  And now she is a happy and active cat who celebrated her first birthday recently.

Whether you’re talking about a diabetic cat like me, or other special needs cats, please give us a chance.  We may have medical conditions that you humans will have to work with, but there is nothing wrong with our heart or our ability to get into yours.