A Diabetic Cat Helps His Human

A diabetic cat helps with taxes

So my human was reading an article from Catster.  It was about how the writer couldn’t do anything without her cats helping.  She started thinking about this when her friend told her that her cat helped when it was time to paint the house.  Apparently, when the walls were done, there were paw prints on the floor as well.  Well, you humans may not like it, but we felines think that since we are on the floor more often than the wall, it needs painting too!

Then she listed other things that her cats help her with.  There is a very long list of things that we do.  Did you know that we felines are helpers when you humans:

  • Assemble furniture
  • Make the bed
  • Choose clothes for donation
  • Put away groceries
  • Drink water
  • Do the laundry
  • Type on the computer
  • Vacuum the house

See how we help vacuum?

That got me thinking about how this diabetic cat helps his human.  For example, I helped my human do his taxes.  I sat on the papers and receipts he put together and helpfully put my paw on things that he needed to know.  Yes, the rest of my body was on his papers, but that’s okay.  He didn’t need the numbers that I covered up. And a diabetic cat knows all about numbers.A diabetic cat helps with taxes

My human cooks a lot, and when he does I want to make sure his food tastes good.  So I will go and nibble on his food to make sure it’s okay, and then if it is, I let him know. If it tastes good to a diabetic cat, it must be good.

When my human goes to the human doctor, they do tests.  I help him test his senses between visits to the human doctor.  For example, I make sure his sense of smell is working by doing my business in the middle of the night.  I make sure his nose works okay and wakes him up.

And then in the morning, when he is in the shower, I make sure he can hear correctly, too.  I’ll sit by the bathroom door and meow loudly, and then when he opens the door to check on me, I know that his hearing is okay so I walk away.

How do your cats help you with things?

Say Hello to Diabetic Cat Dominique

Diabetic Cat Dominique Needs a Furever HomeMeet Dominique.  She is a large tuxedo cat.  She’s been spayed and yes, some human decided to declaw her.  She was diagnosed as a diabetic cat around the same time as me, in the summer of 2012.  But she is almost twice as old as me and will turn 15 this year.

And she is a very loving cat.  She loves to snuggle into your neck and purr like crazy.  She loves humans, and loves to eat her canned food.  You know this girl is a kind cat because she even lets her humans test her without fussing.  Ask my human how I feel about that!

One issue that Dominique has is that she’s not as mobile as she used to be.  She’s a very distinguished older lady, and she isn’t happy that she can’t move as well as she used to when she was younger.Adopt diabetic cat Dominique

But now she is on Adequan and that seems to be helping with her mobility.  She still waddles when she walks, but she seems to be doing better.  And she can hop onto the furniture, which she wasn’t able to do when she was first put into foster care with Diabetic Cats in Need.

The biggest challenge for any human that adopts this sweet diabetic cat is that she has a litter box issue.  She will go into the litter box, but unfortunately, due to her lack of mobility, she overshoots the box.  Her foster human has managed to take care of this by putting large storage container lids by the entrance of the litter box in order to catch the overshoot.

But Dominique more than makes up for that challenge by being a wonderful lap cat.  This girl may be old, but she has lots of love to give to the right human.  It will have to be a human who is willing to deal with the challenges she faces, but if that’s you, this is what you’ll get.

Are you that special human?  If you are, please contact Jenn at Diabetic Cats in Need.  And if you aren’t, please share this so that sweet diabetic cat Dominique can find that special human.

Wishing you a Happy Weekend!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants you to Say Hi to Jacey!

It has not been a very good weekend for me, Jacey, and our human.  It has been a cloudy and grey weekend, so we did not get the chance to relax and enjoy the sun.  Of course, our human managed to find a way to play with us, so that wasn’t so bad.

And of course, he has to give a diabetic cat like me ear sticks and insulin shots.  They haven’t been so bad of late.  He’s getting better, and they don’t bother me as much.

But on a grey and cloudy weekend, it’s fun to catch on some things.  So I wanted to share some stories that you may have missed.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Girlfriend Jacey

First, I talk about my girlfriend Jacey a lot, but she doesn’t get to talk to you very much.  So I decided to let her guest blog.

I also wanted to remind you that we have a very kind human who is going to walk to raise money for Cats Protection.  He and his wife could use your help in raising money.

Of course these two dogs are not diabetic catsAnd then there is something that’s near to me and something that I care about a lot.  I like to see kind humans like the ones who adopted Jack and Loki do more.  They are trying to raise a lot of money for the San Diego Humane Society in the annual Walk for the Animals.

My human wants me to do this, but I refuse to put a leash on.  And same with Jacey.  When he puts the leash on us, we just plop and refuse to move.  And then we give him a look that lets him know in no uncertain terms that we want that thing off!

Well, I know that many of you humans have to go back to that thing called work tomorrow, so I hope that this diabetic cat was able to brighten up your weekend.