Help My Human’s Friend In Fashion for Paws

You may remember that my human and I used to live in Maryland, right outside of Washington DC.  We moved to San Diego together in the fall of 2010, and I was all set to soak up the Southern California sun but then I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat.

Before I moved to San Diego with my human, one of his friends became one of mine.  She took care of me when my human would travel, and she has cats of her own.  She is also active in animal related causes.

My human’s friend is Jennifer Barrett, and she is one of the models for Fashion for Paws.

Fashion for PawsFashion for Paws is an event that combines models walking down the runway with fundraising for the Washington Humane Society.  The models, including my human’s friend Jennifer, have committed to raise at least $5,000 in order to participate.

The first Fashion for Paws was held in 2007.  The six shows that have been held so far have generated $2.2 million for the Washington Humane Society.  There have been a number of big names that have participated in the event, including Val Kilmer, Marie Osmond, and a number of local and national media figures.

Help the human for these cats in Fashion for PawsThis is not the only animal welfare organization that my human’s friend Jennifer supports.  She volunteers on a large animal sanctuary in Montgomery County Maryland.  And she rescued two cats herself.  My human took care of them when she was traveling and he told me they were just as fun as I was.

Can you help Jennifer raise money for the Washington Humane Society?  The event takes place tomorrow, so whatever you can give right now would help.  And if you can’t donate, share this so someone can.

As Jennifer likes to conclude her fundraising emails, for the animals.

Including this diabetic cat.

Pretzel will Face Another Challenge

Many of you are aware of the story of special needs cat Pretzel, also known as the Little Kitty that Could.  I face challenges because I am a diabetic cat.  But what I deal with, as much as I hate the ear sticks, is nothing compared to her.

Pretzel was found by the road when sPretzel is not a Diabetic Cat but She's a Special Needs Onehe was a tiny little kitten.  The person who found her thought she was hit by a car, because her legs were deformed.  This kind human took Pretzel to the veterinarian the next day, and was surprised to learn that Pretzel was not hit by a car but was just born that way.  As if these challenges weren’t enough, Pretzel is also blind.

The veterinarian thinks that Pretzel was born to a feral cat who had distemper or some other disease.  That is what caused her medical problems.

Pretzel was also not in the mood to deal with humans.  The defenseless little kitten would hiss, spit, and swat at anything that came near her.  With no way to protect herself, and no way to see potential threats, she was afraid.  It took a long time for her to come around.

Pretzel was taken in by a human who couldn’t let her die without giving her a chance.  In order to help fix the twisted legs which gave her the name Pretzel, she will have to undergo three surgeries.  There is nothing the veterinarians can do about her blindness, because her optic nerve isn’t connected to her retina.

The first surgery was a success, but then Pretzel got sick.  Her human took her to the veterinarian, and she had to be put in a hyperbaric chamber.  Unfortunately, Pretzel is going to lose the leg she had the first surgery performed on.A diabetic cat sends healing wishes to Pretzel

So Pretzel will face another challenge, adapting to life without one of her legs.  Hopefully she will be like Anakin and Mika, who have learned how to get around without all of their legs.  Their challenges make those a diabetic cat like me faces look easy.

But she could sure use some well wishes and her human could use them too.  Can you go to her Facebook page and write nice things on her wall to make both Pretzel and her human feel better?

Guest Blogging Today is Jacey!

You have heard me talk about my girlfriend Jacey, who puts up with my antics.  And while I have to put up with the torture humans inflict on diabetic cats, she has to put up with me.  Well, today, I want you to meet her.  So I am letting her guest blog.

Hi, everyone!  Thank you for reading my story.  Bagheera was nice enough to let me blog in his place. He is so silly, and I don’t think it’s the insulin he gets because he is a diabetic cat.

I came into Bagheera’s life in the fall of 2011.  The humans who were taking care of me were very nice, and I loved them.  But the young human girl who I was bought for went off to boarding school.  And the humans that were left just didn’t have enough time to take care of me properly

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend PepeMy current human had recently lost his furiend Pepe, who is the cat Bagheera grew up with and who moved to San Diego with him. So he went looking for another bengal cat in southern California, and he found me.

Animals Rule was the rescue society that placed me.  I was never in danger of being abandoned.  The human I was with is a veterinarian, and so she took me and my uncle to the clinic she runs.  We stayed there, and lots of humans got to see us.

But my human came up, showed the people at Animals Rule that he had a good place for me to live, and decided to take me home with him.  I was good.  I was quiet all the way from Tustin to San Diego in rush hour.  Any of you people who understand Southern California rush hour traffic understand that this is a long drive!

When I got to my new home, my new human put me in the bathroom, with food and water and a litter box.  The idea was to slowly introduce me to Bagheera so we wouldn’t fight.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Girlfriend Jacey

Well, I was having none of that.  I am a bengal, after all, and I am very inquisitive and smart.  I figured out how to open the door and in the middle of the first night I was in my new place, I escaped.

My new human was so funny.  He ran over, worried that Bagheera and I would fight.  We didn’t.  We just looked at each other warily, and we didn’t growl or hiss at each other.  So my new human went back to sleep, and so did we.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Girlfriend JaceyThat was nearly two years ago.  Now Bagheera and I are really close.  I like to lick his head, and after he gets his ear sticks, I sometimes lick his ear to make him feel better.

I didn’t like having to leave my old humans, but I do like my new ones and my good furiend Bagheera.  Even if he’s a diabetic cat, he’s still a fun one and I love him.