Meet Max: Another Polydactyl Diabetic Cat

Max Masanz, Another Polydactyl Diabetic CatPlease say hello to another fun and loving diabetic cat.  Max is a lovable tuxedo cat who is also a polydactyl just like me.  His human was looking around a shelter for a cat when he was around nine months old.  She didn’t notice Max at first, but he decided she needed a hug.  And Max took his big paws and wrapped them around her neck to give her a big feline hug.  When Max, who has 25 toes and 26 toenails, gives a hug, it’s something you definitely notice.

His human sure did, and she said “this one” and took Max home.  That was eight years ago.  For most of those eight years, Max was a happy, silly, busy and yes, naughty cat.  But then he started to lose weight last year.  He dropped two pounds in three months.  His human was worried, so he went to the vet many times and they diagnosed him with feline diabetes.

Poor Max didn’t know why he was diabetic, because he doesn’t like cake or chocolate.  But his human focused on getting his blood sugar under control, and after a few months, it was under control.

But after meeting the diabetes challenge, poor Max had another one thrown at him.  He got an upper respiratory infection, and he hadn’t recovered enough from the diabetes yet.  He was at the vet a lot and dropped down to 5.6 pounds.  His treatment made the ear sticks that I complain about look easy, because he had to endure IV fluids and had to eat through a syringe.  His poor human was worried that he wasn’t going to make it.

Fortunately, Max pulled through.  He has started eating again and he will go back to the vet to see where his weight is.  But he’s made progress, since he doesn’t have what his human calls his dinosaur bones on his back anymore.

His humans are very glad to have him back.  They love him a lot!

Max lives with a very generous bunch of humans.  They not only adopted him, but they help foster cats for the shelter where they got him.  He doesn’t like this, because there are always kittens around and Max doesn’t like kittens.

But he does have a furiend named Cricket, who is a black lab.  And his humans love him.

Do you want to learn more about Max?  You can go to his Facebook page.

A Call with the Veterinarian

So my human had a call with the veterinarian this morning.  They are not going to make any changes to my insulin dosing.  My human wanted to know if they would ramp up the insulin dosing a little for when my blood sugar goes over 300, but they said they were concerned Veterinarian with Catthat it would cause the blood sugar to drop lower than they want.

It didn’t help that my human was bad one day where this group of readings was taken.  He normally comes home for lunch and gives me and Jacey more food.  But he couldn’t that day.  Naturally, my blood sugar levels dropped a lot.  When you don’t eat, your blood sugar drops.

So the veterinarians saw that reading and it concerned them.  That’s why they didn’t want to change things.

They consider me a fairly well regulated diabetic cat.  Of course, my human is not satisfied and he probably won’t be until my blood sugar levels are close to normal

But I think I’m going to have to swat some sense into him.  He told you about Clyde’s struggles yesterday, and he is still fussing?  What a silly human.  I know he wants the best for me but sometimes, he is so silly.

He should be happy.  The veterinarian said that I am doing okay, and instead of fussing, he should be happy.  I will have to teach him to be more cat like.  We are generally content when things are okay.  Or maybe he should go do more yoga.

But I think I’ll keep him around.  He does care for me and I have to remember that he’s only human.

What do you think about my human or my dosing?  Please tell me and please share this story!

Blood Sugar Update


Well, lately, the blood sugar readings have been moving around more than we want.  They are not as bad as they used to be, where they would spike into the 500s, but they are above that 300 threshold.

We had a number of good ones, but that ended on yesterday morning.  On the evening of the 18th, we had a blood sugar reading of 236.  But then yesterday morning, it jumped Bagheeraabove to 322.  Last night it was at 321.  And this morning was 351.

I still feel a lot better than I used to, and this is nowhere near where my blood sugar was when I was diagnosed with diabetes.

But this shows the challenges that humans must deal with when they try to keep their feline friend’s diabetes in check.

Diabetic cats are definitely worth it, though.  How can you say no to this face?