Happy Caturday!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Caturday.  Here in San Diego, it was rainy starting on Thursday night, and then it rained again yesterday and early this morning.  My human tells me we need the rain, but Jacey and I did not go out on the balcony because of the rain.  I don’t know if diabetic cats need to be careful about getting wet, but it doesn’t matter.  Diabetic cat or not, I was not about to get all wet!Bagheera the Diabetic Cat and Jacey on Bed

So Jacey and I spent the past few days inside.  When the skies cleared up, we went outside for a bit but it’s a little chilly so we came back in.

And then we spent a lot of time doing this, hanging out on the bed.

If you humans are spending some time relaxing on what my human tells me you call a weekend, I’ve got some things for you to read.

First, can you help commute a death sentence for another diabetic cat, Missy?  Please read this and share her story.  If you cannot help, maybe someone else can.  She only has a few more days to live!

I also wrote about another cat the pawsome human with Coco-Nut the Big Fat Mitten Kitten is taking care of, Caviar.  She needs some help.  This is easier, because you only have to donate a little money instead of taking an older diabetic cat like Missy in.

Meet DottieThere is a sweet black and white cat named Dottie who needs help.  She was tortured by some evil humans, and she had the feet of her rear legs and one of her ears cut off.  But she was rescued by a nice human named Monica.  Monica is trying to help raise money for the Cat Protection Society of Eustis, Florida.  Read Dottie’s story and then vote for her!

And don’t forget about your own cat.  Diabetic cats like me especially need some toys to play with because it helps keeps us active.  Exercise helps with our diabetes, just like it does for humans.  But all cats love toys and you can get personalized bags of toys from Playtime Kitty Toys.

Have a great Caturday!

Blood Sugar Report for March 8

As you know, one of the most important things for diabetic cats like me to do is to keep track of our blood sugar levels.  To give you some idea of how blood sugar fluctuates, I will keep you updated on mine.

Blood Sugar Levels for Bagheera the Diabetic CatFor the week, I saw some fluctuations, but lately, my blood sugar levels have remained fairly constant, at slightly over 300.

There’s only one really bad reading for the week, with the morning reading for March 1 coming in at 424.  That is way too high, but it looks like that was an outlier.

I had four good readings, though, to offset that bad one.  I got four readings where my blood sugar readings were in the 100s.  I am very happy when I get those readings, and so is my human.

And my average blood sugar reading for the week is tolerable, coming in at 283.  This is below the threshold where bad things start to happen to my body so we will take that.

Still, my human doesn’t think these blood sugar levels are good.  So he’s going to work with the vet and look at other resources to help get things better.

Ideally, we want my blood sugars to be in the 100s consistently.  That is still higher than what you would see with a non-diabetic cat, but that’s not who I am.  I am diabetic, and so we will tolerate a higher blood sugar reading than normal.

My human sometimes gets frustrated, not at me, but at my blood sugar readings.  He really wants me to be healthy and happy, and when I’m not, it makes him sad.  He would be happy if he could just give me two shots a day, and test once or twice a week like some lucky diabetic cats.  But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen with me.

He still loves me, though, and I give him head bonks, sandpaper kisses, and purr at him to let him know he’s doing a good job.

Save Diabetic Cat Missy from Death

Sweet diabetic cat Missy has less than a week to live.  Missy’s human father is moving into a new house with her step-mom on March 13, and unfortunately, Missy’s step mom is severely allergic to cats.  The poor humans really want to make it work but the allergies are just too much.

Missy the Diabetic CatMissy has a brother who has been adopted, but the challenges of a diabetic cat have made it impossible for Missy to find a new home.

Missy has been with her human for nine years, and she is 11 years old.  She is very sweet, and has always been an indoor cat.  She isn’t up to date on her shots, but when she is adopted, that will be taken care of.

I am jealous of Missy’s blood sugar readings.  She gets two units of Prozinc per dose, and her blood sugar levels are in the high double digits to the low 100s.  She is being fed Hills prescription dry food and she is very enthusiastic about eating it.  Missy is a good candidate to go off insulin at some point, with a low carbohydrate diet.  And this diabetic cat is not used to home testing, so it’s something that she’ll have to be eased into.

Not surprisingly, as a senior cat, diabetes isn’t Missy’s only health problem.  She has tartar and gingivitis.  She was initially diagnosed as a diabetic cat because she went outside the litter box, and she was treated for a urinary tract infection.

This sweet girl also had a cyst removed from her tail.  It was lanced and drained, and then an antibiotic shot was administered as a precaution.  The vet’s records warn that it may come back, and that may require amputation of the tail due to the size of the cyst.

Adopt Sweet Diabetic Cat Missy!Missy’s human says that this sweet diabetic cat isn’t a lap cat, but she seeks affection.  Don’t give this girl a bath, because that is when she will show you her claws.  I am a bengal cat, and like water more than most cats.  But if my human, who I love, ever tried to give me a bath, well, let’s just say he’d have to make sure he wasn’t testing human blood when he gives me ear sticks for a while.

Can you commute this sweet cat’s death sentence?  Because that’s what’s in store for her if she doesn’t find a home by March 13.  If you can, please contact Venita at Diabetic Cats in Need.

And if you can’t, please share this story so that hopefully, someone who can help her does.