Introducing Playtime Kitty Cat Toys

Besides educating you about diabetic cats, I want to share some interesting people and cats so that you can help them.  One of our furiends on Facebook has started a new company which makes cat toys.  It’s called Playtime Kitty, located in Derry, Northern Ireland.

The founder of Playtime Kitty, Ursula Harkin, has four cats and five dogs.  If anyone knows how to keep furry friends happy, it’s her!

Three of Ursula’s cats are males.  Supreme Commander Thor is the oldest boy, and he is three.  Then there’s Garfield and Leo, who are six months old.  The only girl in the bunch is Winnie, who’s also known as Snookes.  She is around four.

The oldest of the five dogs is Sidney, and she is 13 years old.  Tigger, Patten, and Eisenhower are all from the same litter.  They are twelve.  The youngest dog is Montgomery Binx, who is a ten year old girl.

Ursula founded the company on the premise that her customer’s needs are of the utmost importance.  The entire company is committed to meeting those needs.  That’s why a high percentage of their business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Running a company that specializes in cat toys was not what Ursula had in mind.  She studied biomedical science in college.  But after graduation, Ursula found that there were no jobs to be found in that field.

Playtime Kitty Cat ToysSo she put together her love of animals and her need to do something that would pay the bills and came up with Playtime Kitty.  Ursula often bought toys for her nine furiends, but she was never able to find anything that was unique and different.

That’s why she came up with the idea to do personalized gift bags.  Her plan is to initially focus on toy bags for cats, and then grow the business so that she can sell toy bags for dogs as well.

I like the idea of a unique bag of cat toys!  Think I should get my human to buy some?

Cat Reflections Cat of the Day!

I am so happy to be honored by Cat Reflections.  They selected me as their cat of the day for March 3.  Hopefully this will mean more humans learn about me so that they can visit my Facebook page and become my furiends.

Then I can help them learn more about diabetic cats.

Bagheera the Diabetic CatThose of you who have been voting for me in the Modern Cat contest have seen this picture before.  But don’t I look good in it?

Here is what the humans at Cat Reflections said about me.

Bagheera started his life on the wrong foot. Literally. Because he is polydactyl, his Bengal breeder gave him to a rescue group. His human loved the tiny kitten with the so-called defect and adopted him. In 2012, Bagheera was diagnosed with diabetes. He gets twice daily insulin shots and is on a low-carb diet. He wants humans everywhere to know that diabetic cats require more time and money to keep but they are just as loving and playful as any cat.

I want to thank all of your humans, both those of you who have been supporting me all along, and those of you who are visiting for the first time.

Please come back and see me again.  I love educating humans about feline diabetes and this is just one of the ways I am trying to do this.

And if you have questions about feline diabetes, please send them to my human.  You can leave them in the comments here, write them on my Facebook page or send them to me on Twitter.  My human is always looking for more good stories to write.  Your question could be the inspiration for a good story!

For me and for all the other special needs cats out there like me, thank you.  I send you head bonks, paw taps, and sandpaper kisses!

Special Needs Cats Thank You!

Thank you for helping special needs cats!Some times, you humans can be so nice to special needs cats like me.

This week, I told you about a few special needs cats.  There were two diabetic cats I told you about, Mini Me and Mai Thai.  Then I told you about how Anakin and Mika’s human needed some help.  And finally, I told you about Dottie.

And those of you who know me on Facebook had been voting for me in the Modern Cat photo contest. I wanted to win to help raise awareness of feline diabetes.

Well, I have good news to share with you about these wonderful special needs cats.

First, Mai Thai is on her way to her furever home!  She had a very stressful ride in the car.  She sounds like me.  I hate car rides and I tell my human that I don’t like them by peeing in the cage.  So he has to line the cage before he puts me in there if he’s going to drive anywhere.  But after the car ride, Mai Thai got to her furever home and she will be happy because she will have a place where she can feel safe and no nasty huSpecial Needs Cats Anakin and Mikamans want to banish her.

Mini Me still needs a home, but it is not a critical situation. If you want to make things better for his human, you can go to his Amazon wish list.

Anakin and Mika are settling in well and becoming good furiends.  They are starting to sniff each other’s paws and they now chase each other around the bedroom in the morning.  How cute is it to imagine a two legged cat and a cat who is missing parts of two legs chasing each other around?

And because you humans were so generous, their human was able to raise enough money to not only pay for her current vet bills, but to fund the purchase of a prosthetic leg for Mika!  You didn’t stop there.  I got a note from someone at Texoma Pets Alive that said someone donated through this blog and that they got some things sent to them via their Amazon wish list.

And Dottie has climbed to number eight on the list of pets competing in Petfinder’s Luckiest Pet contest.  You can still vote for her.

I don’t think I won the Modern Cat contest, but that’s okay.  If we have to do this for another week, I am sure you humans will help me win it.

So I want to say on behalf of special needs cats everywhere, thank you for being such kind humans.  You all deserve sandpaper kisses, head bonks, and happy paw taps!