Meet Special Needs Cats Anakin and Mika

Diabetic cats are just one type of special needs cats.  Today I want you to meet my furiends Anakin and Mika.  They are two cats who are missing their hind legs to varying degrees, but that doesn’t stop them.  As their human says, they are full of love and life!

Anakin was a feral kitten that kept coming over to the workplace of his human’s father to eat with the other cats.  What made him stand out was that he was missing his hind legs.  But even though he didn’t have those, he still moved quickly enough for him to make it difficult for his human, Carrie Hawks, to catch him!  Carrie had to capture him while he was cowering in the bushes and she was able to pull him out.

Anakin the Two Legged CatThe next day, Carrie took Anakin to the vet, who was completely amazed by the little kitten.  X-rays showed that Anakin was missing not just his hind legs, but his pelvis as well.  But despite this handicap, Anakin was able to move around very well by balancing on his front legs while holding his rear off the ground and using his tail as a kind of counterbalance.

Anakin dealt with a number of challenges, but he grew up into a very handsome cat who doesn’t let his missing legs and pelvis slow him down.  Just take a look at this video and see how he moves!

One two legged cat was all that Carrie thought she was ever going to have, but then she found out about Mika.  Mika is similar to Anakin, but instead of missing both of his rear legs and his pelvis, he has his pelvis and parts of both legs.  Mika’s right leg is missing only the foot.  His left leg is less developed, with the leg ending halfway down the tibia.Mika

Mika wasn’t a local cat, and Carrie had to get a rescue organization involved to pull this special needs cat from a shelter in Texas.  Mika made the long journey from Texas to Florida, and Carrie was all too happy to welcome Mika to the family.

And why not?  Mika is adorable! Right now Anakin and the other cats Carrie has are going through the adjustment period with Mika, but one of the cats with all four legs is already starting to groom Mika.  So Carrie will have two cats missing parts or all of their hind legs in her home and she’s every excited about it.

But the care of these two special needs cats as well as one of Carrie’s regular cats has created a big vet bill.  Anakin’s testicles have not descended, but the arrival of a new cat has caused him to start spraying so he will have to be fixed.  Mika needed to have x-rays done and various shots.  And one of her regular cats got sick, and needed blood work, testing, and fluids.

All of this work will cost Carrie around $900.  She’ll have the work done no matter what, and will put the bills on her credit card if she has to.

But someone who has taken not one, but two special needs cats into her life instead of letting them die shouldn’t have to do that.


And she won’t.

Thanks to a bunch of wonderful humans, Carrie has received enough donations to not only cover her vet bills, but to buy Mika a prosthetic leg!  It makes me so happy when you humans are so caring about us four legged, or two legged, creatures.

If you do want to donate on behalf of Anakin and Mika, please donate to the animal rescue group that helped start Mika on his journey to his furever home.

Pet Rescue and AdoptionYou can donate to Texoma Pets Alive.  Because they are a non-profit, they rely on the generosity of the public for support.  Donations help save the lives of homeless pets by providing the funding needed for medical care and basic needs. Every dollar counts, and they truly appreciate each and every donation they receive.

If you prefer, you can donate goods and services.  Texoma Pets Alive has a wishlist set up on Amazon.

All donations are tax deductible and the animals they rescue thank you.

Diabetic Cat Mai Thai Needs Your Help

Hello, everyone.  There is an absolutely beautiful diabetic cat located in New Jersey who needs a new home right away.  Here is her story.

Mai Thai is a pretty black and white cat who was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of three.  She was lucky and went into remission for two years.  Unfortunately, in March 2008 was put back on insulin and is currently receiving three units of Lantus twice a day.
Adopt Me!

Mai Thai is eating two cans of Fancy Feast tuna or chicken in gravy and gets dry food throughout the day.  Hey, that sounds like me!  And just like me, she doesn’t like the diabetic food.

Mai Thai is front declawed and spayed.  This sweet indoor only cat loves to perch by the window or sit by the door.  She likes people but is not fond of small children.  But if you have small children, she will not attack them.  Instead, she will jump high enough that they won’t bother her.
Mai Thai is a Diabetic Cat who Needs a New Home

Mai Thai loves to play and will follow you around.  When she is following you, you can count on her enjoying being petted or brushed.  And she won’t cuddle with you, but at night, she will sleep at your feet and talk to you.  She’s very loving.  Just look at that face and tell me you’re surprised.

Mai Thai’s current human rescued her in 2004.  Then she got married in 2009, and her husband does not like Mai Thai.  My human has long said that if it comes down to the girlfriend or the cats, the girlfriend is leaving but apparently some other humans do not feel that way.

In 2010, Mai Thai’s humans started a family, and she went to live with her human’s parents.  That was supposed to be a temporary solution, and when the human babies were born, Mai Thai was supposed to return.  But now her human’s husband has said he does not want Mai Thai to come back and has banished Mai Thai to the basement.  Jerk!

Can you help this sweet, loving diabetic cat find a home?  If you don’t have room in your home for her, maybe someone you know does?

My Blood Sugar is Back Under Control

Blood Sugar TestingYou may remember that last week, just a few days after hearing from the veterinarian that our blood sugar levels relatively well controlled, we saw a big spike that scared my human.

The latest few readings calmed him down.  We haven’t seen that really high number even though some of the readings have come in higher than we wanted.

Since we saw that spike all the way up to 641, we’ve seen much better readings.  We saw a reading of 298 that evening, so whatever it was that caused the spike wasn’t duplicated.

The next morning, it went back up to 338.  But then we got two readings that were much better, with a reading of 222 and then 152 Sunday morning.  It was too high Sunday evening, climbing back up to 315.

And Monday morning brought some more mediocre news, with a reading at 308.

But even that 308 level is tolerable.  Obviously my human would be much happier if it had stayed around 150, but that was not to be.

The bad part of this is that it means that I will not be able to go to once a day testing.  The fluctuations are too much.

But my human is just happy that the really high blood sugar level wasn’t a sign of things to come.  Who knows what I did to get my blood sugar level so high.  If my human did, he’d try to keep me from doing it!

Do you have any questions or comments?  Please let me know and I’ll have my human answer them for you.  And please, share my story so more people know about diabetic cats like me.