A Bonded Pair of Special Needs Cats Need Home

These Special Needs Cats Must Find a New Home

Furiends, it can be difficult for a bonded pair of felines to find a home. Sometimes, humans like one member of the bonded pair but do not like the other. Other times, humans cannot have two felines in their home. And when the bonded pair is a pair of special needs cats, it can be even more difficult.

But my good furiend Lucky told me about a bonded pair of special needs cats, and I want to share their story with you. These two felines live near Lucky, close to where I used to live. Their story is a sad one.

You see, their human is losing their home. And they must move to a place where they are not allowed to have felines. They are very sad that they must give up their special needs cats, but they want to find a good home for these felines.

These Special Needs Cats Must Find a New Home
These Special Needs Cats Must Find a New Home

These felines are special needs cats because they have cerebellar hypoplasia. This condition is also known as wobbly kitty syndrome, because felines with this condition tend to wobble when they walk.

One of the brothers in this bonded pair is affected more severely. He does well, but he cannot walk well and overgrooms. The other brother does well, and he does not show as many signs of his condition.

After living in a small room at a rescue facility, these two special needs cats found a good home. Now, they need to find another where they can live together, because they do not do well apart.

Furiends, we have been successful at finding homes for other felines. Can we do it again? Let’s help Lucky find a home for these special needs cats. Are you the kind human who can give these two a home? If you are, please contact Lucky. And if you cannot, please share this story so that someone else can.

Human Adopts Parking Lot Cat

Cruiser Found a Home in an Unusual Way

We felines find our ways to good homes in many different ways. Sometimes, we just know when a human is going to take good care of us. And sometimes, our journey is a little more complicated.

A feline named Cruiser came into a kind human’s life in a more complicated way. You see, this human had a full family. With two tiny humans and a grown human in the home in addition to them, the house was pretty full. But they talked to the other grown human, and asked if they could adopt a tiny feline who one of their coworkers was fostering.

The other grown human in the home agreed. And they were all set to adopt the tiny feline, but they learned that it had already been adopted. They were glad that this tiny feline found a home, but they were disappointed that they were not going to be the one who did it.

Cruiser Found a Home in an Unusual Way
Cruiser Found a Home in an Unusual Way

But then they learned that a place where the humans in white coats work had another feline that was available to adopt. They talked things over with the other grown human once again, and they decided to adopt this cat sight unseen.

When they arrived to where the humans in white coats work, they were nervous. They did not know what to expect. And when their new feline arrived, they were stunned. He was a big boy, so large he could not fit into a normal carrier!

This human did not care, and adopted the cat anyway. When they arrived home, and the carrier was opened, Cruiser decided that he was not comfortable with his surroundings and he darted under the bed. That was not unusual, because we felines get nervous in unfamiliar settings and go hiding where we can.

What was unusual is that when the human was playing with a tiny human, Cruiser looked at them from the balcony on the second floor. Then he jumped down, and hopped into the human’s lap

Ever since then, Crusier has been this human’s lap cat and good furiend. He did not start his adoption in a normal way, but it does not matter because he ended up with a good home!

Four Tiny Felines Need Homes

Spirit Is Trying to Help Other Felines

Remember when I shared the story of Spirit, A Blind Cat and her journey across the country with her human to find homes for felines? Well, furiends, Spirit and her human are continuing to devote themselves to helping other felines.

Spirit Is Trying to Help Other Felines
Spirit Is Trying to Help Other Felines

Recently, Spirit and her human came across a feline named Sweet Pea, who was pregnant. They rescued her, and she has now given birth to six kittens, four of which are manx cats. These felines do not have a tail. I do not know how they manage to be like you humans and get through life without a tail, but they do. All of the manx cats and one with a tail are orange felines, and one of them is a silver tabby.

They are located in College Station, Texas. Two of these felines have found homes, but the mother and four of the tiny felines need these. One of the felines has a problem urinating when he should not and will likely need a diaper to keep from making a mess.

Do not worry about this feline, furiends, if you think that they might make a good addition to your family. Other than the bladder control issue, this feline is furiendly and healthy. He just cannot control his bladder and will have to wear a diaper or be in a place where that is not a problem.

Spirit and her human estimate the mother cat to be around one year of age. The kittens are twelve weeks old, and they are wonderful felines. The mother is very patient and loving, and because of Spirit’s fans, humans who wish to adopt these felines may be able to get help transporting the cats to their location.

If you are interested in adopting one of these felines, please contact Spirit’s human. And if you cannot take one of these cute felines home, please share their story so that someone can.

It is always a good day when a feline goes to a good home, furiends. Let’s see if we can help Spirit make that happen for these cats!