Diabetic Cat Mai Thai Needs Your Help

Hello, everyone.  There is an absolutely beautiful diabetic cat located in New Jersey who needs a new home right away.  Here is her story.

Mai Thai is a pretty black and white cat who was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of three.  She was lucky and went into remission for two years.  Unfortunately, in March 2008 was put back on insulin and is currently receiving three units of Lantus twice a day.
Adopt Me!

Mai Thai is eating two cans of Fancy Feast tuna or chicken in gravy and gets dry food throughout the day.  Hey, that sounds like me!  And just like me, she doesn’t like the diabetic food.

Mai Thai is front declawed and spayed.  This sweet indoor only cat loves to perch by the window or sit by the door.  She likes people but is not fond of small children.  But if you have small children, she will not attack them.  Instead, she will jump high enough that they won’t bother her.
Mai Thai is a Diabetic Cat who Needs a New Home

Mai Thai loves to play and will follow you around.  When she is following you, you can count on her enjoying being petted or brushed.  And she won’t cuddle with you, but at night, she will sleep at your feet and talk to you.  She’s very loving.  Just look at that face and tell me you’re surprised.

Mai Thai’s current human rescued her in 2004.  Then she got married in 2009, and her husband does not like Mai Thai.  My human has long said that if it comes down to the girlfriend or the cats, the girlfriend is leaving but apparently some other humans do not feel that way.

In 2010, Mai Thai’s humans started a family, and she went to live with her human’s parents.  That was supposed to be a temporary solution, and when the human babies were born, Mai Thai was supposed to return.  But now her human’s husband has said he does not want Mai Thai to come back and has banished Mai Thai to the basement.  Jerk!

Can you help this sweet, loving diabetic cat find a home?  If you don’t have room in your home for her, maybe someone you know does?

Help a Diabetic Cat Find a Home

Hello, everyone.  Today I would like to introduce you to Mini Me.  He is a diabetic cat who lives with his human and another cat called Shawti.  But while his human loves him, she doesn’t have the financial resources to take care of him.  So this sweet and loving diabetic cat needs a new home.  Can you help?

He is very loved where he is.  His human is going to be very sad to let him go.  Mini Me is a Mini Me is a Diabetic Cat who Needs a Homeformer stray cat, and his human thinks he is at least part Maine coon.  She first saw Mini Me when he was a small kitten, living as an indoor outdoor cat.  But then he vanished.  Two years later, he reappeared.  It was clear from his condition that he was taken in and then abandoned.

Soon after he came back, Mini Me got sick.  So he was taken to the vet, and he was diagnosed as a diabetic cat.  The human who was taking care of Mini Me tried to treat him, but never took him back to the vet for follow up, so he got sick again.  They were going to put him down but the human who now takes care of Mini Me would have none of it and stepped in.

She has been a wonderful human.  She isn’t well off financially, but she did what she could with the limited resources she has.  Mini Me was taken to the vet, examined again, and put on a different insulin.  He’s now doing much better, and is happy and healthy.  And it’s painful for his human to let him go, but she feels like he needs someone who has the resources to take care of Mini Me.

Mini Me is a sweet cat who is good with other animals.  Rather than fight, he will walk away.  And once he gets to know a human, he will stay right next to that human.  He doesn’t play too much, but when he does, it’s adorable.  And he is a very mellow cat, who loves to be handled for a while.  He’s not destructive, so your couch and other things that cats typically scratch are safe.

Mini Me’s human will give whoever adopts him the blood sugar meter, testing strips, insulin, and a harness.  She is also willing to teach his new humans how to take his blood sugar and how to administer the insulin.

Mini Me is currently located in Canon City, Colorado.  If you are a human who can help, or if you know someone who can, please go to the Facebook page of Mini Me’s current roommate, Shawti the Cat and contact his human there.