A Recap of the Week Coming from Jacey

Hello, everyone.  Today, Bagheera is enjoying a sun puddle.  I was sitting by the window and got up to eat some noms.  He does not want to get up because we have had a few cold and rainy days and he is enjoying the warmth.  He tells me it is good for a diabetic cat to get sun, but I think he just wants to work on his fur tan.  I will ambush him later to get him back, but for noJacey is Filling In for Bagheera the Diabetic Catw, I will share some stories that you may have missed this week.

Bagheera and I try to keep from focusing on the same topic too much here.  We do that with the human, when we want to go on the balcony, want him to clean up the litter, want noms, or want to play.  Then we focus on the thing we want until he gets the message.  He doesn’t always do what we want, but he knows about it.

That is why it was unusual for us to tell you about a victim of horrible animal abuse, Elizabeth.  Both Bagheera and I have always lived in a home where a human took care of us.  Even though Bagheera is a diabetic cat, he never had to worry about having a human around to help him.  Sadly, that was not the case for poor Elizabeth, and she left us after fighting the injuries an evil human inflicted on her.  Her story is one that shows how both felines and humans must work to stop animal abuse!

But Elizabeth’s spirit is strong.  The evil human took away her physical presence, but her spirit is helping save other felines.  One day after she left us, another feline was rescued because of the help many humans gave to Elizabeth.  The sweet girIt is time for Jacey to do this to Bagheera the Diabetic Catl is pain free and still helping felines.

And even though there are far too many evil and cruel humans whose abuse must be stopped, there are many stories of kind humans who help us.  Some of them are human kittens.  A six year old girl saved a young kitten by going outside to the bushes where the kitten was hiding and meowing to her.

Well, I am going to go ambush the lazy diabetic cat who is lounging around now.  I hope you have a good day.

Evil Humans in Houston Set Kitten On Fire

“Human, you know how you are trying to get people to sign a petition to form an animal abuse registry?”

“Yes, Bagheera.”

“Well, you need to make that happen.  Another one of my fellow felines was set on fire in Houston.”

“I will try, Bagheera.”

“Human, this is important enough that even Marley has come out to tell you to do it.  None of us were ever victims of animal abuse.  You took me in as a little kitten and cared for me.  Jacey was in the home of one of the humans in white coats until you got her.  And Marley, even though she is shy, had a good home and she was taken care of until you brought her here.  We all want you to get your fellow humans to sign the petition.”

Help Prevent This from Happening With an Animal Abuse RegistryUnfortunately, an animal abuse registry won’t help this cat who was found in Houston.  My fellow feline was set on fire, and it is only thanks to the kindness of the humans at the Houston SPCA that she is getting the care she needs.

One of the humans at the Houston SPCA said that this cat, who is between two and three years old, is “currently in stable condition and facing a lengthy rehabilitation.”  TPlease Sign the Petition to form an Animal Abuse Registryhey are offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the evil human who did this.  And if there was an animal abuse registry in place, this cruel human, upon conviction, would be put in a registry so that humans with pets and organizations that help pets find homes would know not to trust him.

We’ve heard many stories of animals who have been tortured like this, and remember, we only hear about a small percentage of these incidents. The efforts of felines like Lucky and Justin and me can only go so far.  We need human help to stop animal abuse.  That is why Jacey, Marley, and I are asking you with pleading eyes to sign the petition to form an animal abuse registry and to share it with everyone you know.

If we can save just one animal from suffering like Lucky, Justin, and this feline did, it will be worth it.  Please help and let me know that you did in the comments.