One Saved Kitten Leads to Many Saved Lives

A Feline Helped by Billy the Kidden

A kind human saved a kitten that was being abused by evil humans. They did not know how it was going to change their life. The pain of chemotherapy was making this human very depressed. But the tiny feline snuggling on their chest, licking away the tears the chemotherapy caused, helped them get through their treatment.

This human had a lot of time to think while recovering. And one of the things they thought about was how to help feral cats. After all, they thought, it is due to humans being irresponsible that we have feral cats. They thought it was their duty to help feral felines.

To do this, they founded the cat rescue group Billy the Kidden Rescue. Soon, they partnered with a pet store, Pups N Stuff. This helped the cat rescue group, because now they had a centralized location. And here, they take donations, prepare kitten kits for fosters, and set up health checks for foster cats. They also complete and store the paperwork for all the felines they help at this location.

A Feline Helped by Billy the Kidden
A Feline Helped by Billy the Kidden

Billy the Kidden has helped many felines since opening in 2012. Sometimes, these are scary, like when they saved a feline during flooding from a tropical storm. Others involve crawling through sewers. And they’ve also saved cats from certain death as bait animals.

All of this is very hard work. And the humans behind Billy the Kidden have lots of scars and scratches to show it. But the human behind the cat rescue group accepts these challenges without any complaints.

“We’ve created the often short and brutal life circumstances far too many cats endure,” they said. “Hopefully they can live out their lives in peace versus being persecuted for simply existing.”

You can learn more about this cat rescue group by visiting their website or Facebook page. I am very happy they are doing such good work, furiends!

Michigan Cat Rescue Helps Abused Cat

Hearing about abused felines makes me very angry. There is no reason to abuse a feline. We must lock up humans who abuse felines in a cage for a long time. And the human needs to work on making it so that my larger feline cousins can bite and swat the evil humans who abuse animals.

Michigan Cat Rescue is helping a feline who was abused. His name is Mr. Fuzzypants. An evil human kicked Mr. Fuzzypants multiple times and inflicted puncture wounds on him. Furiends, the evil human who did this to Mr. Fuzzypants clearly wanted to kill him. They must be caught and punished!

Mr. Fuzzypants Received Emergency Surgery to Help Him
Mr. Fuzzypants Received Emergency Surgery to Help Him

Michigan Cat Rescue took Mr. Fuzzypants to the humans in white coats, and they quickly prepared him for emergency surgery. The abuse he endured put his life at risk, furiends.

Despite all of this, Mr. Fuzzypants trusts and likes the humans at Michigan Cat Rescue. He is happy they are helping him and grateful that someone cares enough to treat his injuries. Mr. Fuzzypants knows someone cares about him, and this fills him with gratitude.

You know that Michigan Cat Rescue will do whatever it takes to help Mr. Fuzzypants recover and get a chance to thrive. No longer will this feline have to endure being kicked and abused. Every feline deserves a chance to thrive, and Mr. Fuzzypants will get his.

Furiends, all of this treatment will require many green paper things. Michigan Cat Rescue is asking for help. Please send green paper things to them if you can. And if you cannot, please share their story so that others can.

Mr. Fuzzypants also needs healing thoughts. Send those along to him. I hope he recovers quickly and goes to a home where he can thrive soon.

Cat Burned With Chemicals Recovering

I am sure you know all about Lucky. He is a good furiend of mine who an evil human burned with chemicals. Thanks to a lot of work from Homeless Animals Rescue Team, he was given the chance to thrive.

Sadly, there is now a feline who suffered the same injuries as Lucky. Kenosha Forgotten Friends received a call from Chicago Animal Control about a feline who had suffered horrible chemical burns. The feline, who Kenosha Forgotten Friends has named Phoenix, was going to be euthanized if they could not help.

A white coated human who works closely with Kenosha Forgotten Friends saw pictures of Phoenix. They told the cat rescue group to take her in. The white coated humans give Phoenix medicated baths, pain medicine, and laser treatments and treated the upper respiratory infection she is fighting. Because Phoenix is thin, they are also giving her lots of noms.

Kenosha Forgotten Friends Is Helping Phoenix
Kenosha Forgotten Friends Is Helping Phoenix

After Phoenix defeats all of the medical conditions she is fighting, she will have surgery to help her. Scar tissue developed from the burns, and these can be very painful. So Phoenix will have many surgical procedures to ease the pain.

You might think that a feline suffering from all this would not like humans. But Phoenix loves interacting with the white coated humans and the others caring for her. She is fighting to recover, and the white coated humans expect her to recover completely.

Phoenix, just like Lucky before her, has a long battle to fight. But because Kenosha Forgotten Friends chose to help, she has a chance to win this battle. And the white coated human helping her will make sure she wins that battle.

The evil human who abused Phoenix thought they could break her spirit by torturing her. They failed. Thanks to Kenosha Forgotten Friends, she is getting the care she needs to live a long and happy life.

Furiends, these kind humans will need many green paper things to help pay for the cost of Phoenix’s treatment. If you can help, please give them some. And if you cannot, please share her story so that others can.