Two Bengals In St. Louis Need a Home

I know that many humans decide they cannot keep their felines for many reasons. Sometimes, these reasons are silly. They complain about how we felines leave too much fur on the furniture, or other things like that. But sometimes, the reason they must give up their felines is a valid one.

Jacey, for example, did not get the attention she needed when the human who took care of her went to boarding school. The human who purchased her did their best, but they simply could not give her the attention she needed. And Jacey, being a smart bengal, managed to find a way to entertain herself. She escaped from the house, furiends, and climbed onto the roof a lot and that is why Jacey’s former humans put her up for adoption. The human, Koji, and I are all happy they did, but these humans miss and love Jacey.

There are kind humans in St. Louis who are in a similar situation. They moved to St. Louis because they are doing a medical residency. This means they do not have much time to spend at home. And on top of that, they have a tiny human. They are responsible parents, and they do not let their felines near their tiny human unsupervised. That means their two bengal cats, who are named Stella and Izzie, are not happy.

Stella and Izzie Need a Home
Stella and Izzie Need a Home

These humans are heartbroken, but they realize they must do what is best for three year old Stella and seven year old Izzie. That means they must send them to a new home and Great Lakes Bengal Rescue is helping with this.

Stella and Izzie are playful, affectionate, and always use their litter box. They do scratch the furniture. But they will stop if they get appropriate things to scratch and the play time they want and need.

Can you help make a sad situation a happy one by helping these felines find a home? If you can, and you live near St. Louis, please contact Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. And if you cannot, please share this story. Hopefully Stella and Izzie find a good home soon.

Bengal Cat Bagni Needs a Home

We bengal cats are not good in every human’s home. We are very rambunctious and playful cats. And that means humans who bring a bengal cat into their life must be ready to provide us with the mental and physical stimulation we need. If they do not, we will find it on our own. And the poor humans who share their homes with us may not like how their homes look after we do!

A human in Racine, Wisconsin, surrendered their bengal because of this. Now, Bagni lives in a foster home associated with Wisconsin Humane Society. Bagni lost some hair due to a flea problem. Treatment cleared up the fleas very quickly. The white coated humans also did dental work on her.

Bagni must go to a home that is experienced with cats. She can go to a home with another feline if that feline is calm. The humans at Wisconsin Humane Society are also willing to consider sending her to a home with a canine.

Bagni Being an Inquisitive Bengal
Bagni Being an Inquisitive Bengal

Bagni probably sounds like a wonderful feline to you. There is one problem. She overstimulates easily. I am sure you are not surprised by this, because many bengals share this trait with her. When Bagni get pet, she will overstimulate quickly. Sometimes, she overstimulates herself when she gives head bonks! She responds to overstimulation by biting humans.

Bagni’s bites do not break the skin. But because she bites, the humans at Wisconsin Humane Society cannot put her in their adoption program.

Bagni is eight years old. She lived with two other felines. One of them was also eight, and she got along with that feline. She did not like the younger feline.

Do you think you can give Bagni a home, furiends? If you can, please contact the rescue group that is helping her.  If you cannot, please share Bagni’s story so that someone can give her a good home.

Meet Diabetic Cat Baby

Furiends, I need to share with you a feline that Diabetic Cats in Need is helping find a home for. You know that I like to share stories of my fellow diabetic cats. But this one is one I really want to share with you. You see, Baby is a bengal cat like Jacey, Koji, and me!

Diabetic Bengal Cat Baby
Let’s Help My Fellow Diabetic Bengal Cat Find a Home!

Baby is a female bengal cat living in Union, West Virginia. The Monroe County Animal League is looking to find a home for her. She’s a pretty girl, furiends! She is between 10 and 12 years old, so she’s still got lots of life left. Sadly, someone took away Baby’s front claws. Jacey, Koji, and I want to swat that human with our front paws to teach them a lesson.

Baby went to the humans in white coats recently, and they told her humans she is diabetic. She gets insulin twice a day, just like me, and she is taking it all in stride.

She loves to get attention from humans, and just like you would expect with a bengal cat, she has a lot of purrsonality. Baby likes to talk to her humans and she rewards them with purrs when she gets the attention she loves.

Monroe County Animal League hopes that someone will take Baby home with them and give her the care and love she craves. She will do best as an only cat, but I am sure if she gets enough attention she will be okay with another feline. Baby is like me in some other ways, furiends. She tolerates canines, but does not like it too much when they lick her with their sloppy wet tongue!

Do you think you can give my fellow diabetic bengal cat a good home? If you can, please contact Monroe County Animal League and tell them you want to take Baby home. And if you cannot, please share Baby’s story so that we can find someone who can!