Big Feline Seeking Home

Furiends, the human tells me there are other humans sharing pictures of felines they call chonkers. Many humans think fat cats are cute. But when we felines get too big, we are at risk of many diseases, including the one that I battle, diabetes. Overweight cats are also at higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, hepatic lipidosis, and urinary tract infections, among other things.

The Animal Care Centers of New York City received a 41 pound cat named Barsik. His humans were leaving town, and they surrendered Barsik to the facility. He is so big that the facility did not have a cage for him, and put him in an office.

Barsik at Animal Care Centers of New York City

“Barsik is really sweet,” said one of the humans at the shelter. ” He’s clearly uncomfortable and doesn’t like to be lifted, as you can imagine. That, combined with the new environment, would make anyone cranky, but he’s not cranky at all. The longer humans have interacted with him, the easier it has become to care for him.”

Because of his obesity, Barsik is on a special, regulated diet. The human feeds Koji and me and all of the other cats he cares for twice a day. We nom when we are hungry and the human lets us nom when we want.

Barsik gets several small meals throughout the day. That way, he does not overeat.

Anjellicle Cats Rescue learned about Barsik, and they agreed to move him to a foster home so that he could get more attention. Barsik will go to the white coated humans so they can develop a weight loss plan and make sure there are no other issues with his health. Once he gets on the path to a healthy weight, they will make him available for adoption.

I hope that Barsik trims down soon, because he cannot be very happy being so big!

Help Diabetic Cat Ozzy Find a Home

Hello, furiends. You may have noticed that my website was not working for a few days. That is because of a billing issue with the company that provides the hosting. You see, the human’s credit card was used fraudulently, and when the human got a new one, he forgot to update the information for the hosting company.

But now everything is okay, and I am back online. And I want to tell you about one of my fellow diabetic cats who needs a home. I learned about him through Diabetic Cats in Need.

Diabetic Cat Ozzy Needs a Home

This feline’s name is Ozzy and he lives not too far from where I used to live. He is being fostered by a kind human with Chesapeake Cats and Dogs in Queenstown, Maryland. Ozzy is like me. He needs to be on a canned food only diet and he needs insulin shots.

Sadly, before Ozzy came to Chesapeake Cats and Dogs, his diabetes was untreated. And because of this, he developed neuropathy, where his hind legs don’t work properly. The humans in white coats are hopeful he will recover with proper treatment of his diabetes.

Ozzy loves humans, and he enjoys posing for the camera. He will purr loudly when his humans pet him. And he also will roll all over to help them find the right spot to pet.

Can you take my fellow diabetic cat into your home? If you can, please contact Chesapeake Cats and Dogs. And if you cannot, please share his story so that he can find a home.

Tuxedo Cat Changes Colors

For most of us felines, the color of our fur is one thing that will remain constant throughout our lives. Our fur may get a little lighter in the summer. And maybe there will be some white hairs or gray ones showing up as we age. But for the most part, the fur color we are born with is the fur color we will have for our entire lives.

One feline named Elli, who was living on a dairy farm in Germany, is different. Elli has a condition called vitiligo. This rare condition causes a loss of pigmentation, which means that a felines fur will turn white.

Before Elli started changing colors, she was a cute tuxedo cat. She and her sister, another tuxedo cat who was rescued by their human, were happy in their home. One day, Elli’s human noticed a white spot on her fur and took her to the white coated humans. That is where they diagnosed her rare condition.

Elli Before Changing Colors and Now

You can see that Elli’s transformation is almost complete. She has gone from being mostly black to mostly white. Her human thinks this is as far as it will go. Even if that is the case, it is still an amazing one to see.

Elli’s sister still loves her, and her human does, too. She is only the second feline I know of with this condition. I once shared with you the story of Scrappy, who has since left us.

I am glad we had a chance to learn about Elli. She is a truly unique feline!