Feline and Human Reunited After 18 Months

Our humans become sad when they think they have lost their felines. A human in Bailey, North Carolina, suffered from this for almost 18 months. She came back from vacation, and could not find her feline named Pancake.

Pancake’s human said, “I looked all over the house. I looked under the furniture. I looked under the house. I looked outside. I couldn’t find her anywhere.”

Pancake Found Her Human After Nearly 18 Months

Pancake’s human feared the worst, because another feline in the area had been killed by a coyote.

But then, Pancake’s human looked at the Facebook page of Purffect Hearts Cat Rescue and saw a feline who looked like Pancake. They contacted Purrfect Hearts to see if they could meet the feline they thought was Pancake.

At the reunion, Pancake’s human knew instantly she found her cat. Pancake happily greeted her. But Pancake wasn’t coming home alone. She had given birth to three kittens.

Pancake’s human took the kittens, too, and named them Carrot, Penguin, and Storm. While they can’t stay with their mother and her human, they already have humans who will adopt her.

Next for Pancake? She will get fixed, so she cannot have any more kittens. I hope she will live a long and happy life inside with her human.

Baltimore Brewery Looking for Missing Cat

I told you about how my fellow felines help a brewery in Chicago keep away rodents that wanted to eat their grain. It only makes sense. We felines and humans chose to live together because we are good at this.

Now, there is a brewery in Baltimore looking for their feline. Monument City Brewing Company shared a picture of three humans looking at a feline living on their grounds. The feline is named Willow. The humans at the brewery like him a lot and they gave him the nickname Will.

“We’re sure this was done with the best intentions,” said the humans at the brewery. “However, we’re pretty attached to Will and hope that you bring him back to his home.”

Will Relaxing Next to a Can of Beer Named After Him

Will’s humans have shared pictures of him in the past lounging around the brewery. One of these pictures showed Will relaxing next to a can of beer called Willow Hoppy Saison.

I hope that Will finds his way back to his home soon. It is clear his humans miss him, and we do not want rodents eating their grain!

Long Time Shelter Dog Saves Felines

Some humans say that felines and canines cannot get along well. That is just not true, furiends. And a canine who is a long term resident of Faithful Friends Animal Society in Wilmington, Delaware proved this.

Harvey has lived at Faithful Friends Animal Society for the past four years. One day, when he was going on a walk, he pulled his handler towards a storm drain. Then, when he got there, he started to bark. Harvey’s handler let him get closer. Soon, the canine showed his handler three tiny felines who were trapped in the drain.

It took a while, but the humans at Faithful Friends Animal Society were able to rescue the three kittens. They took the felines to the white coated humans for a check. After they were cleared medically, these felines went to foster homes. Soon, they will be available for adoption.

Harvey Saved Three Tiny Felines

Hopefully, these tiny felines will be adopted more quickly than Harvey. Harvey has spent four years living at the shelter. He used to live with humans who were supposed to care for him, but they gave him up.

Harvey is a lot like Koji in that he is friendly and handsome, but very goofy. He does a lot of silly things, and he wants humans of his own to do those things around. And after waiting for as long as he has, Harvey deserves that home.